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Effectively Using Videos for Search Marketing

There are numerous techniques that companies and product advertisers can adopt to increase their online presence and optimize their existing web presence. Of these techniques include YouTube video marketing, targeting your industry/market audiences on social media platforms, gaining exposure through local business directory listings (if a product through product search directories like Google shopping), and more.

One of the great benefits to video marketing is the ability to obtain easy exposure through high traffic outlets like YouTube, search engines, and social media.  While providing traffic, they also give your business the opportunity to “go viral” with target audiences that appeal to your content.  Creating promotional videos or sharing testimonials of your business or website can help you expand your online presence, obtain higher positions for keywords in search engine results, describe your business or what you are selling, and share reviews and testimonials to earn your business more credibility.

Videos are a great way to gain additional exposure in several ways. Here are some more benefits to using videos for advertising:

Videos rank fairly quickly on Google and can be used for ranking targeted keywords

Youtube is also owned by Google, and algorithms are in favor of crawling YouTube and it’s relevant content.  To make content more relevant, do as you would when optimizing web pages.  Pick out good titles, specify tags, provide clear and relevant descriptions, provide transcripts, add links, and more.  All these elements will help to improve searchability and increase relevance.  Provide good and useful content and make it relevant to your audience.  This will help to increase conversion and make your video more effective.

You can piggyback on high volume keywords or popular videos to gain additional traffic

As with any type of search engine optimization, doing research and optimizing your video for high volume keywords will get you more traffic.  Remember that keywords and content should always be relevant and by doing so will increase conversion.  It’s not always only about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors.  Here are some tools for helping you find the best keywords for your website.

Video testimonials help to earn credibility and attract customers

As with most anything we buy online these days, customers are fond of testimonials.  Word of mouth advertising has always been a beneficial driver for business.  In modern times, we are able to share our opinions with more potential customers through the Internet, through online stores like eBay and Amazon, Yelp and Google Plus, and through product reviews and videos.  Not only can these reviews be beneficial, they are favored by search engines and make their way to the top of searches fairly quickly.  Because they are highly sought after, view counts can also tend to be a lot higher and drive more people to want to watch.

Videos help to promote your brand

Producing diverse content on video outlets will help you to expand on various keywords and also allow you to share that content on your website, ecommerce, newsletter, social media and anywhere else applicable.  Videos can help to promote and describe what your business is all about, what you are selling, and why people should go with your company.  Make videos short and sweet, and produce content that is straight to the point.  Share what you would want to see and in the time span you feel you would watch if you were the customer.

Submit your video to RSS feeds and syndicate your videos to drive exposure across various online platforms and to optimize your videos even more.

YouTube is not the only video platform out there; upload your video anywhere else you might get target market exposure.  Upload or share to social media, upload to other video content delivery networks like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Flickr, Veoh, Metacafe, Blip.tv, Vibe, etc.  These sites also get crawled by search engines.  As with YouTube, research keywords in advance and optimize your titles and descriptions with descriptive and relevant content.

Social media and Youtube provides you the opportunity to go viral

Opportunities to go viral are strong with YouTube and social media sites.  You might think about spending a little money for advertising to your target markets.  This can help jumpstart your campaign and add fuel to sharing, commenting, likes and going viral.

Video is gaining a vital place in the marketing plans to connect with consumers, engage with them and convert them into paying customers. Videos stand out on social media, giving customers a quick overview of a product without overwhelming them with text. In less than thirty seconds, a customer can get the information they need about a business through a short, visually-appealing video.

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