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Enhance your website SEO with these tricks

Good website content taking advantage of high volume keywords is king for search engine optimization, but there is more to providing just content if you want your website to be effective and to reach a larger audience.

Here are some tips and tricks to help your website and content become more visible to the world.

High-Quality Content

High-quality content has always been regarded as a white hat SEO technique that improves your website position in search engine rankings. Topics you might cover include informational articles about your products or services, interesting images, and reviews that gives more data about what people can expect from your services.

Content should be audience-friendly and engages your readers. Make the best use of your skills, creativity, and inexhaustible talent to assist you in promoting your services, products and brands in an engaging way, by embracing an accessible writing style.

Link Building

Search engines have a very complex system for determining the value of a given link, but they do all agree that links are among the most important factors in determining the relevance of a particular site to a given query. That’s one of the reasons why, for example, websites that have been around longer are given more weight, but even links from new sites can be beneficial.  Obtain links to your site through guest blogging, social media, directories, local directories, or simply ask for a link.

Local SEO

Ever wonder how people get their business on the first page of Google for targeted cities?  Here’s a trick.  Create a page for every city you are targeting, followed by or preceded by your target keyword.  For example, you are an SEO company in Chicago.  Then you would create a page about SEO in Chicago IL.  Link to these pages from directories and review sites to help increase your visibility and credibility.

Reviews with References from Trusted Sites

Gathering and sharing client testimonial is perhaps the biggest way to improve your credibility and build a brand that is trusted by the customers. After all, a credible testimonial is a strong proof that your products and services have been tested and provided satisfaction to several customers.

A great way to earn trust from customers is to build great reviews and piggyback on popular review sites.  These sites are seen as credible and favored by search engines.  They appear higher in Google results and will allow you to create search result visibility for your businesses quickly.  Establish rapport with customers, acknowledge their feedback, and offer incentives for leaving reviews.  Link references from other trusted websites in your industry help to build your reputation as being a viable provider of products and services in your vertical. Link references from professional associations such as your local Chamber of Commerce, the BBB, Yelp, Angie’s List and others can also help with sending in qualified buyers to your website or physical storefront.

Piggyback on high volume keywords or popular videos to gain additional traffic

As with any type of search engine optimization, doing research and optimizing your video for high volume keywords will get you more traffic.  Remember that keywords and content should always be relevant and by doing so will increase conversion.  It’s not always only about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors.

Sharing on Social Media

Another factor that is taken into consideration when ranking a website for organic search engine results is social signals. If you haven’t already, be sure that you have a business presence on social networking sites and you are managing these pages well. Websites that do not have a presence on social media are less likely to get high organic search engine rankings because of their “orphan” nature. Businesses need a comprehensive web presence that goes further than just being found in search engines.

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