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Enhancing the User Experience: Fantastic Android Q Features Proving Google as the Ultimate Winner

With the introduction of smartphones, the relevant technologies for running them effortlessly are developed and delivered to ensure the best services are provided. Hence, Google has introduced an open-source operating system running excellently over the smartphones and furnishing the customization needs of smartphone manufacturers, Android. 

Android is an operating system running on the smartphones and with its excellently designed features, it has become the most popular one by leading the smartphone market. Leaving other operating systems behind, Android is being used in most of smartphones and the number of users using Android phones are the maximum. Hence, Android holds a significant position in the tech market with this leading share.

Android Q: The latest version of Android

As the user requirements keep on changing, Google has released different versions of Android to support these needs and efficiently cater to the needs of customers and smartphone manufacturers. Recently, the 10th version of Android, Android Q is released and is still a beta version which is still not open to all smartphones and is limited to only a few. The final version will be released soon.

As this latest version is designed keeping the security concerns and constraints in mind, the latest version of Android (beta) is supposed for enhancing the security of devices with upgrading the internal security patches and enhancing the user experience on the external surface. Here are some of the awesome features Android Q is bringing up for users that prove Google the ultimate winner with serving the customer needs at their best.

Gesture Navigation: Redefined

Which is the most significant feature that helps in identifying Android devices? Yes! You guessed right, the navigational buttons placed right at the bottom. However, Google is now aiming to take the user experience to a whole new level, as it is introducing all-new gesture navigation. The gesture navigation lets the user navigate through the phone seamlessly and that bottom navigation bar is bid farewell forever!

Swiping the screen initiates new gesture and results in relevant navigation which certainly takes the delivered user experience one level up.

Bubble Notification: Enhanced Control

Remember the Facebook Messenger’s chat heads? Wouldn’t you love if every app notification can be accessed similarly which leads to lesser mess? Well, Google has found its answer with it! New Android Q lets you switch the app notifications with placing Bubble notification in place. A single tap on the bubble provides more options while dragging it gives you hide and leave options. Isn’t that amazing?

Also, you can manually set the bubble notification feature for applications which only lets your selected application display notification in the bubble form. This enables efficient management of notifications and only the prioritized apps are having access to notification method.

Dark Theme: Protect Your Eyes

Despite being late on integrating dark theme in Google phone, Google has finally added the dark theme feature in the Android version itself to facilitate better services. When some of the smartphone manufacturers have already customized their Android offerings with the dark theme, Google has included it for those still remaining to integrate it. Turning on the dark theme, the screen turns black with text turning white and is an absolute delight for the black background lovers.

Also, it saves on battery and turning on the dark theme protects the eyes of users which is a noteworthy benefit for users. If a user is having OLED screen, the white pixels on the screen only uses the battery power which efficiently saves battery power and lets the device work for a longer amount of time.

Live Caption: Support for hearing-impaired

Keeping the hearing-impaired people in mind, Google has allowed the Android devices to include the captions in any video being played on the device. This feature does not require an internet connection at all! Hence, all the videos are enabled with captions through the AI-integrated Android system launched. This feature is also helpful for the users watching the videos by keeping them on mute as there is no need for sound, captions will say it all!

App Access Control: Privacy Needs Answered

In the previous versions of Android, the installed applications would ask the user for permission to access their personal data and only 2 options provided, either yes or no. This gave the hackers and malicious apps a way to play with the privacy of users by gaining access over their private data through their smartphones. But now, Google is in no mood for security threats. Adding another option apart from simple yes and no, the third option has come off as allowing access to data until the app is in use. It restricts the applications from monitoring the data and running in the background.

Access Wi-Fi through QR Codes: No Need to Share Password!

Android Q allows you to access the Wi-Fi of your friend by just scanning the QR codes. It has successfully eliminated the need for using passwords or asking for theirs. This saves you from any awkward situations when you have to share your Wi-Fi password or ask for one from others. Android Q has integrated this awesome feature for your smartphone which allows you to easily share the Wi-Fi information.

Enhanced User Privacy: Manage Settings Better

Revoking the app permissions is made easier with a dedicated privacy section in settings. From here, users are enabled to change the access authority of different applications and also manage their passwords and ensure the security of their personal data. Providing an excellent way to work up with such a sensitive issue of user’s security, Google surely hire a coder online who know what should be done in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, the new Android Q is all about engaging users to maximize the usage of Android devices by furnishing their requirements well.

There surely are many interesting features integrated into the newer Android and it can be predicted that the future is very bright for Android since Android Q has been launched with such intuitive features. Upgrading the voice-based AI (Google Assistant) of Android devices, Google has also improved the services they offer through Android.

There is More to Come!

All these mentioned features are the ones being displayed on the screen. However, updating the security patches and implementing more security updates for the devices, Google has delivered an amazing new version that will make Android fun to use. Experiencing what Android Q Beta is providing, many users are excited for the release of Android Q to get it running on their devices.

Author Bio: Manoj Rupareliya is the Online Marketing Manager At Elluminati Inc. He is an experienced writer with expertise in the field of technology, blockchain, crypto, AI, Digital Marketing and SEO. All the blogs he writes are aimed at providing credible help and insights for readers who want to stay updated all the time.

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