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Factors to Consider While Choosing a Programming Language

The world of code is limitless. Like the Universe, it keeps expanding with additions, modifications, and necessities. Since newer technologies keep coming into play, newer methods to solve problems are inevitably required.

The benefits of using a top-notch coding language can’t be overlooked. Unfortunately, choosing a programming language isn’t easy.

A single programming language can’t be the best choice for all projects. It’s important to consider certain factors, such as security, performance, fewer lines of code, and more.

Since large organizational projects require multiple developer teams to build components, you can’t afford to miss these key areas.

Can the Programming Language be Modernized?

In today’s world we have an ample of choices when it comes to choosing a programming language. From ASP.Net to Node.JS, from ColdFusion to PHP, there are many languages that are unique in their own capabilities.

But with frequent changes in technology, the programming language and underlying architecture should have the ability to evolve. It needs to be backed by a corporation that consistently works on upgrades and improvements.

For instance, ColdFusion has a team of developers dedicated to maintain and upgrade the development environment. Backed by Adobe, developers also benefit from an open-source consortium called Lucee, which offers more diversity options.

What’s the Cost in the Long-run?

It can be hard to convert applications from one programming language to another. Replacing the language entirely is also a major challenge. In terms of effort and money, it actually comes close to the cost of building an entirely new application. Hence, such overhaul decisions should be taken seriously. If possible, it’s better to use a language made for the long-run. ColdFusion has been around for more than 20 years. That says a lot about usability, security, and performance of web applications built using ColdFusion.

Does It Reduce Risks?

While choosing a programming language, you need to consider several security risks. For instance, you can’t ignore the possibility of a hacker breaking into the system. Similarly, economic risks like investing energy, money, and time in limited or dying languages can’t be ignored. For years,

ColdFusion has been handling such issues with ease. Over time, it has proven to be a solid platform for development. With regular updates, it keeps evolving to serve the developer community.

Other Important Factors

While choosing a programming language, you may be tied up between a tested veteran like ColdFusion or a new module. For such decisions, you need to focus on certain key aspects of development. For starters, with mature languages, the quality and availability of developers are higher. If a language has been around for a long time, there would be a lot of people who would have mastered it.

Similarly, a mature language ages over time to develop stable ecosystems and methodologies. In simple terms, a mature language has been around for a long time to build a working relationship with the needs of the society. Unlike with an emerging language, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It’s also worth considering that the latest versions of older languages are backwards compatible. This ensures that the legacy code is easier to handle and less of a burden. Irrespective of the language you choose, your staff will constantly use it to interact with the code. You’ll have to accept all of its tricks, flaws, benefits, and drawbacks.

Having said that, did you know that ColdFusion gets a major upgrade every two years? For the last two decades, Adobe’s CF team has been modernizing the language to keep up with the times and technology. Patches and updates are released on a regular basis. Simply put, ColdFusion can’t go stale and should be your choice of programming language.

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