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Easy-to-follow Guidelines to Find the Best Offshore Software Development Company

Customized offshore software development has become popular for several reasons. While the outsourcing model was initially adopted as a cost-saving measure, companies abroad soon started realizing some other great benefits of diverting their IT projects offshore, like exceptional time-to-market outstanding standard of service, advanced infrastructure, favorable Government policies and much more.

Here are few statistics which implies that outsourcing is a popular choice for companies, for software outsourcing destination.

  • Global sourcing industry grew by 9-10% in the FY 2015, with India at 13% growth.
  • Outsourcing to can reduce overall IT project cost to almost 30-40%.
  • Around 640 Global Delivery Centers were set up in 78 countries in the FY2015, of which 27% incremental GDCs were developed in India.

Before discussing the guidelines to find the best offshore software development company, let’s discuss briefly the reasons to outsource.

  • Significant cost and time saving as companies don’t need to worry about the recruitment process, project management, and employee salary;
  • High quality and consistent services provided by offshore software developers;
  • Highly talented and trained workforce with the ability to handle most difficult types of outsourced project;
  • Fastest time-to-market provided by the best enterprise development companies that helps overcome the time-zone difference.
  • Specialized knowledge about various business segments teamed with technical knowledge help in custom application development.

From all these above figures one prime point gets clear i.e. an effective partnership with a reputable offshore software development company can turn out to be profitable for both. Forging the right kind of partnership, though, is not always easy. To simplify the process, here we explain some easy-to-follow guidelines which can help in selecting the right outsourcing partner.

Understand the Project Requirement

Before you start the search, be sure of what you want. A great idea would be to create a Business Requirements Document (BRD) which specifies the sort of business solution you are aiming to get from the service provider. Next step is to create Software Requirements Specification (SRS) which lists different types of functional and non-functional requirements. These two documents can be later used as reference points while preparing the agreement between the company and its offshore software development partner.

Identify Companies that Match Your Project Requirement

This is perhaps the trickiest and most time-consuming part as you need to shortlist few companies whose service categories and track record look promising. The first matching criteria should be technical expertise. Ask yourself questions like do you need to hire ASP.net software developer or looking for a custom PHP development company or need web server hosting service? Other major selection criteria could be the company infrastructure, track record, development methodology, company culture and so on.

Enquire and Verify

Usually, a look at the website of the offshore software developer would reveal its public data. However, to evaluate, you may need some key information which is not offered publicly. Few of the key factors that help the evaluation process are:

  • Organization factors like location, size, stability, infrastructure, level of security; work culture and pricing policy
  • Employee factors like team strength, their passion, technical knowledge, areas of specialization, total experience, and the company’s retention rate;
  • Technical factors like software development and project management skills, coding quality and standard

A reference checking is always suggested to be sure of the offshore enterprise application developer’s authenticity and reliability. If all these turn out to be satisfactory, request the shortlisted companies to send their price quotations via mail.

Start with a Test Project

This step is needed to be monitored closely. The official working relationship is established based on following assessments:

  • The two-way communication experience
  • Diversity and cross-cultural adaptability
  • Standard of professional service and work ethics

Seal the Deal with the Development Partner

 If the test project experience remains a delightful one, then natural progression would be signing a business agreement with the offshore software development partner. Some companies prefer a short trip to meet the team which surely helps in building up a stable relationship and cultural bonding.

Hope the above-mentioned tips help in setting up a long-term relationship with the best software development company!

Author Bio: Dharmik Rajput is working as a digital marketer expert and blogger with 5 years of experience. He is the full-time employee with Evince Development expert in delivering enterprise software development services.

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