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Finding the Best Torrent for Mac

Torrents are the easiest way to access large media, such as images, applications or videos. Torrent clients allow different host connections enabling the data to be reached more quickly, interrupted and resumed without having to resume the transfer from the beginning.

Nevertheless, it can be frustrating to find the best torrent application for your Mac. With several Mac torrent clients available, you need to check out each one and take them for a test drive.

What you need to know about torrents

Torrent clients like μtorrent serve as a means for sharing large files through servers. This can be just about any type of file, like a video, album, game or app. If you choose to download a torrent, it may start through the downloading of a placeholder style file that contains the * .torrent extension. The file is unfinished while it is copying, and is referred to as a backup. You can even locate the files with the * .part extension during that time and that means that the file isn’t full.

You can look for the files you are searching for easily with the right free torrent software, access them more rapidly and handle them in one convenient spot.

Many of the downloaded media may be subject to copyright restrictions, like television shows or movies, and uploading them is usually subject to copyright law in many countries. Music and film companies are known to track piracy activity and file litigation against people accused of infringement of copyright. Thus, when looking for the best torrent for Mac, it pays to do a bit of research.

Torrent clients for Mac


BitTorrent offers the following functionality to support those looking for quick downloads:

  • Ultra-fast file delivery – The big archives are broken down into small pieces. You use less space, as the data is reduced into smaller pieces. Such capability means that your files are moving much faster.
  • Free unlimited downloading – There are also no limits on the number of downloaded files or the scale of the data that you can transfer.
  • Built-in bandwidth booster – This auto-adjusts the Internet connection and network-dependent bandwidth usage to ensure quick file transfer. In addition, the updates run quietly and have no effect on anything else that you may be doing.

BitTorrent offers a few other alternatives like the following:

  • BitTorrent remote – This is good when you don’t have your computer with you but you want to watch a movie or a documentary.
  • BitTorrent web – For uploading torrents straight from your computer online, you don’t need to have a different account. This update will only be available to Mac users on the Catalina version since Apple has decided not to support 32-bit applications like BitTorrent.


qBittorrent is obscure as a torrent software and maybe you have not heard of it before. It is an open-source project with community assistance. Although some torrent clients provide every feature, others may keep such things as simple as they can.

The primary features of qBittorent include:

  • Absence of advertisements
  • Convenience in terms of additional tools
  • Absence of bundled software
  • Less extension compared to others

qBittorent is an ideal choice if you need a torrent application that has all the features but is not too complex.


Another unique torrent software is BiglyBT. Additionally, torrent clients are open-source and ad-free. BiglyBT emerged from the project Vuze and Azureus, which were launched in 2003. Original coders are now developing it further.

It has several rugged features shipped from Vuze but it also provides the following:

  • Swarm merging – BiglyBT can complete missing pieces of torrents to make it faster for downloading.
  • Download rate – BiglyBT can be installed internationally, imported, labeled, peer-set, networked or even peered.
  • WebTorrent support – BiglyBt has the ability to download WebTorrent peers as well as seed them.

BiglyBT is also another ideal choice that accomplishes the job and it is not too complicated to use.


Visually, with its stunning interface, the Transmission torrent application is the most Mac-like and has an Apple-like look. Transmission is a free, active-source initiative that, unlike certain torrent clients, does not play games to generate money.

Transmission does not come packaged with other devices. In offering a premium edition, it does not hold any apps hostage. It presents the source code transparently for anyone to delve into.

Torrent links operate on a P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing protocol, which connects you to local peers for downloading copyrighted material over the network. With the right torrent, you can save time and effort for downloads. All you need is a strong Internet link and the new Mac torrent tools.

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