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Five .NET Trends to Expect in 2023

Big tech firms like Amazon or Microsoft have invested considerable amounts in the .NET system. Moreover, even small tech firms also use .NET to produce web campaigns. It has already become a central creating platform for many tech companies. So the question arises, why are they investing in the .NET ecosystem?

In today’s blog, we discuss all highlighted points about .NET. Some points discussed include how is it growing and what are the frameworks behind it? Furthermore, we also share significant reasons why a company should choose the .NET platform in 2023.

ASP.NET Ecosystem Will Become Prominent

These days, Google is showing new trends with numerous queries that reflect countless users finding ASP.NET and its core related subjects instead of searching the traditional ASP.NET ecosystem. It shows that the IT industry has been advancing its methods and embracing new open-source platforms for software development.

There are a few primary reasons behind the success of the ASP.NET ecosystem, such as security, performance, and flexibility. In addition, multiple third-party companies providing library features contribute equally to its enormous success.

Microsoft is constantly modifying the platform where new updates have been launching in the market to upgrade the core framework. More than 1,00,000 contributors support the ASP.NET core framework; on the other hand, over 3,700 tech companies are also keeping this new launch of Microsoft.

ASP.NET core ecosystem and ASP.NET are both helpful platforms to develop web applications.

.NET 6 Framework

We want to share more information about the new cross-platform and open-source framework Microsoft has launched. It is commonly known as .NET 6 platform.

As per the official notification of Microsoft, .NET 6 framework will be supported for three straight years; it is long-term support. Following the same, it is compatible with numerous OS such as windows, apple, etc.

Serverless Computing

Another popular technology is serverless computing, which has contributed to numerous tech firms and enterprises growing their technical operations. It becomes a choice for many companies due to affordability, stability, security, and scalability.

Azure Cloud Will Be One of the Best Hosting Platforms

For the last few decades, Azure cloud has been controlling the cloud computing market with its great features, a product of Microsoft. It offers flexibility, scalability, and affordability.

Also, Azure Cloud is known as a reliable and trusted cloud computing framework because it has top-notch features like high uptime, assured service level agreement, and increased security.

Asp.Net Core Docker Support 

Many web developers use docker due to its advanced technology features such as high security, scalability, and reliability. ASP.NET framework can be operated on a docker platform without any troubleshooting. It aids the users with deployment and faster development of ASP.NET sites within less time.

Final Conclusion

.NET will become an even more popular framework that big tech firms support. Lastly, Microsoft is already backing up .NET as it is their product, and soon, they will add new advanced features to make it more impactful.

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