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Follow These Tips to Get Started on Ad Refresh

There are many hacking and technical systems that web publishers use to increase ad revenue like header bidding, lazy loading ads, A/B testing, and many more. From so many techniques one commonly used method is known as auto-refresh ads or ad refresh.

A new set of ads loaded in the same session on the web page, based on an arrangement made in advance. With this method, a user can serve multiple sets of ads within a single session.

Some tips to get started on auto-refresh ads:

The network policy must be read carefully

Before starting the setup always make sure that you understand your network’s policy on auto-refresh ads. Knowing some answers beforehand of questions is essential like whether they’re allowed or not? Whether the time interval is the minimum? Whether you need to show that you use ad refresh by labeling your ad inventory? It will save you from policy violations later by expensing the limit of amount for an individual expense allowed by the company.

It’s better when the intervals are longer

The longer and higher intervals inventory between refreshes the attraction on the goods to the buyers as many buyers choose to buy refresh inventory at longer time intervals. It is better for the user experience of your website, as well.

For suitable involvement with the ads, the refresh must not be below 60 seconds. To keep up a good balance between the income and the user’s experience, the refresh interval of 240 seconds is very important. Sometimes it also varies the type of per website and inventory.

Opt for A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method that is also known as bucket testing or split testing. It is a user experience research method that helps in auto-refreshing ads by experimenting with different time intervals on a section of your website and by comparing two versions of a webpage against each other to decide which performs better.

Before visiting the site, always make sure to benchmark the test results against a control setup. It will let you know whether auto-refreshing ads will improve the method of income or not.

Follow Action-Based Refresh

The action refreshes are based on user-guided navigation. If not appropriately guided, then the user visits the page with an ad on one side and the other side-scrolling infinitely, this happens when the guidance is not done correctly, this can affect the popularity of your website. With the help of action-based refresh tips, you can only refresh the list of items of ad content, without refreshing the entire contents of your page.

Ad inventory that refreshes can compete on Ad Exchange. Before competing, declare the portions of your list of items by refreshing per advertisement according to industry guidelines. By refreshing the list of goods benefits the buyers to know the Real-Time Bidding protocol on what they’re purchasing.

Refreshing improper declaring of the goods can cause a violation of your website. Proper guidance is required to maintain a good quality website.


The marketing communication professionals have unlimited imaginations, and they are continually searching for more effective and efficient means to promote the brands and companies they represent. Ad refresh is significant for your site as it increases your website rank, and today advertising has become a profession in large scale all over the world.

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