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Free Bootstrap Templates That Inspire Anyone

Open-source development is a popular method of development collaboration which includes permission for others to use and share source code.  It is effective for community collaboration, as developers provide constructive creativity and contributions to projects.  Bootstrap is one of those projects, and while it provides an excellent framework, it requires more development in terms of front end organization and design.

Creating templates from scratch can waste valuable time and money. Web templates can be utilized for saving time, while giving an overall idea and inspiration for the look and feel of the end result you are looking for.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a free, open-source CSS framework with responsive, mobile compatible front-end web development. It contains CSS and optional JavaScript-based design templates with styles for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and more.

Bootstrap was created by a designer/developer at Twitter, around 2010 and has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world.

Before it was an open-source framework, Bootstrap was called Twitter Blueprint. In its early stages, Twitter held a competition that made the project very popular as developers of all skill levels collaborated to make a clean front end style. It served as the style guide for development at twitter then as it does today.

The first version of Bootstrap was released in 2011 and has had over twenty releases including version 2 and 3.

Bootstrap 2 added responsive functionality to the entire framework. Bootstrap 3 included a rewritten library to make it responsive by default, having a mobile compatible approach.

Bootstrap 4 brought migration to Sass and the move to CSS’s flexbox. The intention is to help push for newer CSS properties, fewer dependencies, and new technologies across modern browsers.

Why Bootstrap?

You might be trying to make a decision as to what styling framework to use, and why Bootstrap?   While you might already be happy with your current css framework, you might find that incorporating Bootstrap into your project can save you a lot of time, while making things much nicer for your design.

For one, it’s easy to get started.  All you need to do to get started is to download files from GetBootstrap.cometBootstrap.com and add the code needed to the <HEAD> of your html, or use a template that already has it incorporated.

It’s responsive.  Bootstrap is built on grids.  It is flexible and can be configured to be fixed or fluid in its layouts.

Supports styling for most HTML elements.  Fundamental HTML elements are supported by Bootstrap, including typography, code, tables, forms, buttons, images and icons.

Bootstrap provides various components.  Some pre-styled components include: dropdowns, buttons,  navigation bar, breadcrumbs, labels/badges. alerts, progress bar, and more.

Javascript plugins like drop-down menus, sliders, accordions, and tabs are interactive and bundled with Bootstrap.

Good documentation and community gives developers and designers another reason to go with Bootstrap.

Free Bootstrap Templates That Inspire Anyone

Did you know that 80% of shoppers and potential customers carefully do their research online prior to making a purchase?  Much of this research starts with looking at your website, and your website plays an important role in your company’s bottom line.  It is crucial to have attractive content online to attract customers.

As the Bootstrap framework is free and open-source, it can be hard to find good let alone free templates.  The kind folks at Mobirise have provided just that.  They have provided various templates for the Bootstrap community and companies looking to save time and money instead of developing templates from scratch.

About Mobirise

Mobirise is a free website builder that can help developers and non-developers alike create clean, responsive websites.  Coding experience is not necessary, and best of all, it’s free!  Mobirise provides an easy to use interface, is mobile friendly, and free for commercial and non-profit organizations.

They also offer an all in one website builder kit containing ALL premium themes for Mobirise, a 91% discount, 1800+ awesome blocks, and 45 themes and extensions for $149!

Mobirise is it’s own website builder.  While coding experience can provide to be very useful for builders, Mobirise Website Builder also offers a drag and drop website builder.  Check out these tutorials below to learn more about how Mobirise can be setup and customized.

Below are 5 free templates by Mobirise that you might find useful for your design:


The Lifestyle AMP template offers a soft, pastel feel on a white background that might inspire or cater to clean eating, lifestyle, and travel enthusiasts.

Lifestyle AMP template is considered an elegant theme and offers a clean approach to web styling and design.

Get Lifestyle AMP Here


The Gamesite template offers a strong, excitingly bold feel on a dark background, with contrasting colors that might inspire gaming or art enthusiasts.

Gamesite template is considered a gaming theme and offers a bold but clean approach to web styling and design.

Get Gamesite AMP Here


The Interior AMP template offers a clean, sharp feel on a lighter background, with light contrasting colors that might inspire architectural or interior design enthusiasts.

Interior AMP template is considered a professional theme and offers a lighter but bold and clean approach to web styling and design.

Get Interior AMP Here


The Strategy AMP template offers a business theme on a clean background, with light and dark contrasting colors that might inspire corporate and business entities.

Strategy AMP template is considered a professional theme and offers a strong and professional clean approach to web styling and design.

Get Strategy AMP Here

Repair Shop

The Workshop AMP template offers an industrial theme on a clean background, with light and dark contrasting colors that might inspire technical or automotive enthusiasts.

Workshop AMP template is considered a professional theme and offers a strong and professional clean approach to web styling and design.

Get Workshop AMP Here


Bootstrap styling is a popular way to go in keeping your website looking fresh and in keeping with modern styling in 2019 and beyond.  We hope some of these themes might inspire you to create a new website or help inspire you with your vision.  While they are free, the paid version is also very affordable and feature rich.

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