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Fun Things to do While at Home or in Quarantine

Social distancing is here to stay, and the atmosphere at home is not what it used to be; therefore, for those of you who are looking for some fun things to do at home or in your garden, look no further. I’ve compiled an entertaining list of unusual activities to keep you busy and a great way to spend your time.

The Rise of the Jigsaw

The rise of the popularity of the jigsaw has surprised many. No longer the sole domain of the older person, jigsaws are hot property with some unusual designs selling well on auction sites, and well-known retailers unable to re-stock fast enough. So why exactly has this happened?

Blame the jigsaw clubs on Instagram and Facebook who have made this pastime cool and, in turn, the appeal has trickled down to the fashionistas. Sharing photos of your completed or even incomplete puzzle has created a stir no-one would have expected, but that’s not the only reason.

Therapists say focusing on detail helps relaxation. The no-pressure environment with a creative payoff counters the effect of anxiety, giving a sense of control in an unpredictable world. Of course, this is only true if all the pieces are there! If you’re not into jigsaws, I have some other suggestions.

Adult coloring books are also really popular on social media, for exactly the same reasons as the jigsaw, but with the added advantage of being more readily available. These books have beautiful and intricate designs to help you lay waste to hours.

Alone but Not Lonely

You may be happy to be alone, but it’s fun to share things online; with so many choices from group exercise classes, and forums on every subject known to man, there’s no reason to be lonely.

Personally I love a virtual cycling club. There are loads of clubs that have sprung up in recent months as a response to quarantine and many members have remained inside even as the restrictions have been lifted, thanks to the sense of comradery and the unpredictable weather. If cycling isn’t your thing, what about an old fashioned 1980s-style work out class?

Fashioned with Jane Fonda in mind, these no-pain no-gain classes are increasingly popular with millennials and baby boomers alike. Featuring heavily online and amazingly free of charge, it’s time to get out your leg warmers and headband and make like Madonna.

Write that Book

It’s said that everyone has one book inside them and, according to many professional authors, “That’s where it should stay”. Don’t be put off; get your thoughts down on paper and, you never know, you may be the next J K Rowling or Steven King. Even the professionals need some help, so check out the courses that are available online: many are free of charge.

Here’s an interesting fact – in November 2019 a man nicknamed “the Banksy of poetry” wrote his first book of poems entirely on Twitter. As each tweet is only 280 characters long that’s a lot of tweets. Why not give it a try: you never know where that may lead.

Looking for Love?

The virtual date is now a thing! Surprisingly online dating apps have seen an increase in use by over 25% in the last few months, with many using looking for long term relationships. So how exactly can you make this work?

Carefully create a profile, be honest when compiling this: don’t say you love rock climbing if you don’t, and be clear about what you want in a partner. Avoid cliches. Think of something that will start a conversation about a subject you’re interested in.

Even virtually, an action shot profile picture will get more replies. So use that yoga pose to good advantage. Update the photo and the profile regularly; after all, we change and so should your profile. Once online look for a match who wants a virtual date.

Relationship advisors say those who are prepared to take virtual dating seriously will invest in a relationship, and without sexual pressure, the chance of a good long-term match is more likely. The great thing about being online if your date isn’t going well you can always blame the internet and log off. Happy virtual dating!

In the midst of all this uncertainty, one thing is for sure, there are lots of fun things to do and see. You just have to open your mind and take all the opportunities offered along the way you might be surprised by what you find.

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