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Gadgets Every Developer Needs to Get Through the Day

Developers often have to beat deadlines, work in the same groups and environment for so long. This monotonous routine creates an environment that is not ideal for maintaining a healthy body and a sound mind.

To ensure that developers stay bodily and mentally fit, it is important that they consider spending some cash on novelty developer gadgets to help them improve their day-to-day routine.

Let’s take a look at some cool tech gadgets that are recommended for any programmer.

Dual Monitors

Most programmers find this a necessity since they are perfect for expanding the desktop space. Multitasking, detailed editing, copy and pasting, making side-by-side comparisons are all quite normal for any developer such as a front end developer. All these activities get easier whenever you have that extra screen. Research indicates that the productivity of developers goes up significantly by having that extra screen.

Comfortable Mouse

Touchpads are not the best for navigation when you are using a laptop to code, at least for most developers. Having a mouse that gives you the convenience when working is important to a programmer. By convenience, it implies that your mouse should not have its buttons clicking when a small amount of pressure is applied to it. This might help prevent the unnecessary closure of programs or pages. Look for one that is devoid of the traditional batteries and pair it with a proper mouse pad.


App developers and the entire developer fraternity can now enjoy coding sessions with the revolutionary smart keyboards. These new gadgets are smart versions of keyboards that assist in handling multiple devices. However, developers can still stick to the mechanical keyboards but at least go for the upgraded ones. Recommendations by BestTechExpert can help you choose keyboards with programmable mechanical buttons which are enhanced to cater for programmer options. Most importantly, get a keyboard with well-spaced buttons for comfortability. Don’t forget to give your wrists a break with a wrist pad.


You can tell that almost all developers are music lovers from their obsession with headphones. Their desks are complete without a proper sound setup, be it a pair of speakers or a set of headphones. In a bid to perfect their workstations, developers will often pick noise-canceling headphones, which are new gadgets that go well with many developers. Unlike the regular headphones, these are well equipped with soundproofing techniques that go a long way in reducing the ambient sounds around your workstation. These headphones help keep your noisy mates at bay as you strive to stay focused on your project. They are also perfect at isolating the outside sound so that you can listen to your favorite tunes at a considerably low volume which is also convenient to the colleagues around you.

Comfy Chair

This may not necessarily be regarded as one of the new gadgets for developers but is quite important to get them through the day. Just as a good mattress is important to your sleep, a comfy chair also helps keep a programmer active throughout the day. Good support, posture, and position can make a huge difference for a developer. Most hours of the day are spent sitting, so you can consider getting a comfortable chair a long-term investment.


Having the right combination of new gadgets for your desk can make all the difference and even boost your productivity. Most of all, get new gadgets that will make your working space enjoyable to be around.

Having the right equipment and taking breaks, whether it be gaming or browsing the Internet for deals or free xbox gift cards, these tips and gadgets will help most developers enjoy and get past their busy day.

What are your suggestions about the perfect developer’s desk? Leave us a comment or share ideas of the new gadgets that developers should try out.

Author’s Bio: Alex Green is computer engineer and webmaster of BestTechExpert for the last 3 years. Having worked this amount of time, he has an idea of what a developer needs for a comfortable work.

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