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Gadgets that Make your Home More Energy Efficient

While some would consider it a bit late, people around the planet are taking more interest in their effect on the planet and its environment. One of the ways that we can all improve is to decrease the amount of energy that our house uses.

While technology has led to a lot more energy use, it has also led to solutions that help us use power more efficiently and effectively. Not only are there solutions to enable you to cut down, but there are also a few ways to become more comfortable than you are now.

Powering our World

Technology uses a lot of energy, but we can also utilize it to save money on your electric bills. We simply need to pay attention and care. Powering our lifestyle is not cheap. It also isn’t easy. But the more we have the ability to control the energy we use, the more we are able to indulge in the comfort of the modern world. It is imperative to take advantage of the tools at our disposal.

Energy Monitors

A great place to start is a home energy monitor. Depending on which monitor you’re looking at, you can buy a gadget that will enable you to see how much energy you are using on different days. You will get the chance to analyze what you are doing differently on certain days. Not only does this encourage you to take a look at your data, it will also be available from your phone, computer, or tablet. This helps you see how your energy stats are when specific people are at home and when no one is there. Buying an energy monitor will provide an avenue to save money and use less energy.

Energy monitors can break down the analytics of each room as well as where the power is being used and for what. According to the specialists at MoneyPug, which is used to compare energy prices, energy monitors allow you to take a look at how much power you are using in a period of time. A plug-in monitor can display the peak uses during the day and will keep you in control of your bills. It’s a great way to be a reminder to switch things off if you put it in a communal area.

Smart Thermostats

Another gadget that is essential to your home energy efficiency is a smart thermostat. One of these devices will help you watch how much heat and air conditioning and control the amount of energy you are using for it. Again, like energy monitors, smart thermostats allow you to access it remotely. You can control the temperature of your home from work on your phone or computer. A helpful setting with a smart thermostat is that you can schedule it to come up or down to a certain temperature daily when you get home from work for example. Not only will you be able to make your house more comfortable, but you can also save money by using the thermostat less and more efficiently.

The results of a smart thermostat can be significant. Turning your central heating down by a degree can cut your heating bill by 10 percent. Leaving the heat on for a long time is a waste of money. They can be installed to not only give your precision and control over your heating while trimming down the bills and using the thermostat more effectively.

Lighting & LED Light Bulbs

Lighting is another large use of energy. For some homes, it is second to heat and air conditioning. An easy and effective way to do this is to transition to LED light bulbs. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs pay for themselves again and again. Not only are they incomparable to traditional light bulbs, but they are also much cheaper. LEDs can last for years.

After you transition to LEDs, the next step is to limit your amount of usage. The bulbs will last longer and save you more money the longer you will have them. Turning off the lights when you aren’t using them will save you a lot of money and power, paying smaller bills and using the money for something else.

Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen has become a great area of the house where you can get as many gadgets as you want. Nearly every appliance has a smart upgrade. You should check to see if your appliances are Energy Star certified. This means that they meet a certain standard to achieve the certification. If your kitchen appliances do not have this Energy Star rating, you could probably save a lot of money on how much energy they are using. Furthermore, upgrading to a product like smart fridge will help you save energy by not having to open the fridge so often. They can even order items for you when you need something.

Other Appliances

The same goes for other appliances not in the kitchen like clothing washers. These not only use a lot of power, they take up a lot of water. Getting a wash with an Energy Star rating will provide the savings you need. Another appliance is a water heater. Not only do you need to get a water heater that is efficient, you want to make sure it is placed close to the places you use the water so it takes less heat.

Smaller Gadgets

These technological solutions are not the only ones. All kinds of gadgets are available to improve your life and use less energy. An example of this are solar chargers. One of these chargers stick to a window or outside to take the solar power and use it to charge your phone, tablets, and other technologies with a USB port. This is one example, but there are many products like this that can help save little by little.

While technology has led to more and more energy use, it will also help use less energy and work towards living a more sustainable life. Getting started is key. There are technologies available everywhere that can help you maximize the energy you use and use less of it.

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