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From Vintage Video Games to Virtual Reality – Gaming Trends of the Past, 2020 and Beyond

As technology evolves, so does the advancement of gaming technology.  The two industries go hand in hand.  They both use and interact with the same infrastructures; computers, networking, the internet, and the cloud.

Black and White, 2 Tone Gaming

In early years like the 70’s, gaming and computers shared black and white, two-tone, graphical interfaces.  Pong was a popular game and found even built-in television consoles.

Find the original Atari here: https://ebay.to/2ItGdEh

Gaming in Color

As technology progressed, so did the advancement in the look and feel of games and gaming devices in the 80’s and 90’s.

Find the original NES here: https://ebay.to/2IpVeLe

Find the original Super Nintendo here: https://ebay.to/2L8kpQg

Vintage to Modern Gaming Consoles

Find these original gaming systems here: 

Atari 2600
Color TV-Game
Magnavox Odyssey²
Atari 5200
Nintendo Entertainment System
Master System
Sega Genesis
Atari Lynx
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Game Gear
Philips CD-i
Sega Pico
Sega Saturn
Nintendo 64
PlayStation 2
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
PlayStation Portable
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Nintendo 3DS 
PlayStation Vita 
Wii U
PlayStation 4 
Xbox One 
Nintendo Switch
Game Consoles for Kids

3D Effects and the Evolution of Gaming Equipment

We started seeing more color, 3D effects, and first person shooter games.  Gaming companies invented more and more gaming devices that immersed the user in the gaming experience.  While futuristic gaming is now in our midst, 80’s and 90’s classics will always be popular amongst many old school gamers.  20 years from now, videogame titles newest ps4 games will also be sought after by nostalgic gamers. PS4 arcade sticks, for example, are technologies still in use today that bring back 80s-90s gaming nostalgia.

Lifelike, Realistic Graphics

In 2000 and recent years, graphics have made remarkable advancements that have progressed as technology, cgi, and the movie industry have, making some gaming graphics hard to differentiate from actual reality.  With the advancement of graphics, ability to upgrade video cards, and availability of gaming devices and some of the best gaming keyboards, computer gaming aside from console gaming, has become very popular.

So where does gaming go now?  Here are some advancements we can continue to see and expect.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Gaming

3D has always been a popular technology; in fact, it existed 100 years ago, but couldn’t progress as much as it has today due to high costs and lack of technology and equipment.  With improved hardware capabilities, 3D technologies and virtual reality is becoming more and more popular in gaming.  Virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift, a VR head-mounted display, features a massive field view of 107 degrees, quick-response head-tracking system, and incorporates immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering capabilities.

Virtual reality headsets can now also incorporate your mobile phone as a viewing screen and can be used for many applications.

The creation of the famous Oculus Rift has created a market of new virtual reality gadgets that are coming out for a much lower cost. The VR BOX 2.0 reality headset is extremely affordable and very powerful. It costs less than $15!  Yes, $15, we didn’t miss a zero. It even comes with a Bluetooth 3.0 Remote Controller. It provides a great virtual reality experience for those who already own a smartphone and don’t want to spend $500 to $600 on their virtual reality headset.

Made up from 43 precision parts, the reason its so cheap is because it is now being made in China. There are some even cheaper models but their quality wasn’t good enough. This particular model though is really nice and adaptable. You can use any smartphone from 3.5 inches to 6 inches [covers almost all the smartphone market], adjust the lenses and its a comfortable, snug fit.

Phone in Virtual Box
from Coolest Gadgets of 2016 part 1: DietSensor, Razer Blade Stealth & VR Box 2.0

For more, check out these other popular trends in Virtual Reality technology.

Boom in Gaming Devices

As the LCD market boomed, so did the devices that use them.  This has enabled gaming to span across mobile devices, phones, tablets, and more.  Gaming platforms have incorporated touchscreen LCDs in their gaming devices to enhance the user experience.

Nintendo Wii U
The Wii U, for instance, features a built-in touchscreen that can serve as a supplement to games.  The second screen allows access to other elements in the game, like inventory, extended gaming information, and more.

Microsoft Xbox Smart Glass
Microsoft Xbox has it’s Smart Glass app which can be downloaded onto smartphones and tablets as a supplemental screen to enhance the gaming experience.

Sony Cross Play
Sony has integrated it’s PS Vita with their “Cross-Play” feature, enabling gamers to stop playing on one device and resuming on another.  Recently, Microsoft has becoming open to working with Sony on implementing this technology.

Open Source Gaming and Game Development

The open source market has been around in gaming for a while now, though new devices and technologies have opened doors for more home brew gaming.  The popularity in mobile apps has also made game development popular, with the enticement for developers to make some money in the iTunes and Google play marketplace.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality gaming brings you all the bells and whistles on top of everything.  Smartphones and other gaming devices enable interactive features that allow gamers to interact in real-time.  Eventually, augmented reality gaming sessions may enable gamers to be independent of gaming consoles and devices, making the game as real as being on the gaming grounds and in the gaming realm.

Cloud Gaming

As mobile devices continue to spread, and as Internet connections continue to advance and improve, so will the availability of gaming on the cloud.  As software companies are now migrating and offering their software and services on the cloud, so are gaming companies with their games.  The aim for gaming industries is to make games as easy to access as music and streaming movies.  Many smart TVs now offer this technology as part of their smart TV software.


The future of gaming is exciting and offers many bells and whistles.  It’s an exciting time to watch history and the future of gaming unfold. Who knows where humanity will push it’s limit.

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