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Gas Calculator – Mapquest

With booming gas prices, one can save a significant amount with the proper planning and tools to find the cheapest gas station.  One of these tools is the Gas Caclulator by Mapquest, which helps to estimate how much your trip will cost.

Gas Calculator by Mapquest has been around for quite some time and is a nifty tool that help you find the best route and get the best fuel cost for your route.  Click on the gas button and locate the nearest gas station with the cheapest gas.

There are many more ways to maximize on gas costs.  To learn more, keep reading below.

More ways to Save on Gas

Finding the cheapest gas pump might be the most straightforward way to save gas.  Here are some more gas saving ideas.

Driving Habits

The way you drive impacts the way you improve your gas mileage.  Check out this video for some of these life hacks.

Go on enjoy your air conditioner on the highway. Consumer Reports says that ACS gas guzzling reputation is undeserved and at higher speeds opening the windows or sunroof can hurt fuel economy by increasing drag.

Don’t fill up your tank until you’re practically on empty a less fuel.  You’re toting the lighter your car and the more efficiently it will run.

After filling up your car turn the nozzle upside down before you remove it from your tank.  You’ll get another half a cup of gas that’s stuck in the hose.

Tighten your gas cap after filling up so you don’t let any precious fuel evaporate try to park in the shade. This will also help prevent evaporation.

Put your car in overdrive for highway driving it lowers your rpm or revolutions per minute which saves gas.  Check your owners manual for the recommended speed at which you may use overdrive.  If you’re due for new tires, get radials they improve gas mileage by 2 or 3 percent.

Stay in one lane as much as possible; weaving uses up more gas.

Use cruise control when you’re on a flat highway where it can increase mileage by 7% but don’t use it on uneven roads where it’s not efficient step.

Turn off all electronics and climate controls before you cut the engine with the extras off your engine won’t have to strain so hard to restart leading to better gas mileage.

ELM 327/OBDLink/Kiwi2 + Gas/Auto Troubleshooting App to get an exact idea of how much fuel you are consuming – Even clear check engine lights!

You can find out a little more about how much gas you are using up with a fuel app combined with an ELM327, wireless data bridge.  This little handy device connects to your phone and interfaces with various apps that can help you determine mileage and cost of gas. This device not only lets you monitor your fuel economy, it can also detect error codes and clear them as well on your vehicle.  Note that this might not clear all panel lights (for example some Toyota’s might get a VSC light, VSC off, or VSC trac light on their panel.  For things like that, you might have to Google and find solutions like zero point calibration to fix such errors.)

Learn about ELM327

The ELM327 is a multi-function OBDII Interpreter IC. It provides an RS232 to OBDII data bridge for systems that use the ISO 15765-4 CAN, SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 and SAE J1939 protocols. In addition, two generic CAN protocols are provided which can be customized by the user for use with audio data busses, special OBD implementations, etc.

iPhone – Get ELM327 here: 

OBDLink Bluetooth Scan Tool

A higher cost solution, however is advanced and offers a nice graphical interface. OBDLink Bluetooth features a Class 1 Bluetooth transmitter for maximum range, and Plug and Play connectivity with any Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Symbian, Blackberry, or laptop. OBDLink to be compatible with more vehicles and dependably communicate faster! Highly recommend!

Android – Get OBDLink Bluetooth Scan Tool here:

Kiwi 2 Bluetooth

Android, Symbian, Linux, N9, PC OBDII to smartphone interface. Check Engine Diagnostics, Real-time Gauges, Fuel Efficiency and MPG, Engine Sensors, Customizable Dashboard, Real-time Dyno, Data Logging, GPS Track Mapping, Skid Pad, Video Recording, Data Overlay and more. Works with 1996 and later vehicles. Compatible with many apps. Plug and play and installs in seconds.

Android and iOS – Get Kiwi 2 here: 

Once you have this hardware in place, you can download an app from the Apple iTunes or Android Google play store.

EOBD Facile, OBD Car Doctor, OBD Fusion, OBD Auto Doctor, BlueDriver OBD2 Scanner and Enginelink are some of the few great apps you can use to troubleshoot your issue or get more detailed info on your gas mileage and auto performace.

Make a Fuel Cost Calculator

Here’s another free way to calculate your gas mileage.  Make a fuel cost calculator in Microsoft Excel.

This fuel consumption calculator is an excel template to calculate average cost and mileage per liter over specific period of time. Cost can be set in your own currency since it has no direct relation with written formulas. Mileage also can be set with miles or kilometers. You just have to replace those words in your own terms. This is a useful calculator to measure your vehicle condition on particular journey. Either it is for your own private purposes or company purposes.

You can find a great a great fuel calculator template ready to go here:  Fuel Consumption Calculator (14.1 KiB).

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy, like Mapquest, helps you to find the best gas prices and everything else you need to fuel your trip.  Simply plugin your location and Gas Buddy can help you find the best location for the cheapest gas.

Other Great Apps

Find apps like the 7-Eleven Fuel app, allows drivers to search for the nearest 7-Eleven gas station anywhere in the world with the lowest price on fuel. What’s special about this app is drivers can ‘lock in’ that price and redeem gas for the amount shown on the app at any 7-Eleven store within seven days. The new concept means motorists can redeem the best local deal on fuel purchases regardless of which 7-Eleven fuel store they fill up at. This deal is exclusive to 7-Eleven customers.

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