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Give Your Website a SEO-Friendly Design

No SEO campaign can stand, if it is not based on a firm foundation. Any website in order to be in a prominent place in the internet world needs to have a good website design. It is will be best, if the design is SEO-friendly because the present world doesn’t demand you to have an enticing website rather it should have SEO elements.

With a beautiful website, you can definitely attract the audience but that will not help you in generating business.

That is why website design with SEO elements is so important. You can transform the traffic to online clients when you have SEO tools in it. Why should you have SEO-friendly website designing? It is because it is the perfect way to gain the attention of the online traffic and also improve the search engine visibility.

How to make the website design SEO-friendly?

Right placement of the keywords

Keywords are fundamental in a SEO campaign. Research should be done for keywords to optimize website design for any search engine. You can never reach your targeted prospects, if you use incorrect keywords for website optimization. Therefore, your SEO campaign will nothing be but a complete mess. What you have to do is first set the objective of business audience you desire to attract.

Overture and Wordtracker – two good tools in keyword research. Make use of these tools for creating a relevant list of keywords for your business. Once you have done research, make sure that the keywords are placed appropriately. Proper keyword placement ensures that your website is integrated Google search engine. Title, internal links and URL are some of the best places for placing the keywords.

SEO-based filename /URL

Can you name the elements that easily identify a website? It’s the filenames and the URLs of a website. So, you must tag your keywords in the URL to enable search engine in indexing your website. Also, you can name an image with descriptive keywords and not with numbers.

Making navigation search engine friendly

If your website contains only images and no text, then you should expect to be visible in Google search engine. This is one of the major reasons why many websites stay away from Google visibility. Therefore, make certain that all the buttons as well as links for your website has text. It is advisable to use Photoshop and CSS3 for modernized website design. JavaScript is not understood by search engines and hence, it only results in crawling issues.

Images in website design

Image is a crucial aspect of website design and it can effectively increase search engine visibility during a short time span. So, go forward with image optimization website. The image file should be small to allow you to view it even when you have a slow internet connection or you are using your mobile for browsing the internet. If you text is accomplished with images, you can be assured to have greater number of visitors for your website.

Try out these tips so that you can have an innovative website in this tough competitive world.

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  1. Davide Di Prossimo

    Yes keywords placement is very important. Something I still do not quite understand is: how many keywords to insert? Is there an average number? Some people say that Google and other Search engines penalize websites for adding too many keywords. I am still a little confused about that. Any suggestions?
    Overture and Wordtracker are very good tools, however I would also suggest to use Google Keyword External Tool as well. It is free and very good. You can do your research and then export a file text into an excel spreadsheet to do some work with the keywords generated.
    Moreover, would you recommend to add the alt tags to images? I remember reading somewhere that adding those tags helps search engines to index your site better. Is that true?

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