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Guide to Converting Photoshop to HubSpot Pages

Any website or landing page design requires a wireframe and even a mockup of the design before the online template is built. Wireframes or mockups can be created by Photoshop or a mockup program. However, as soon as the mockups and wireframes are finalized, creating a template on Hubspot is essential.

Web developers can easily make templates for web pages, landing pages, emails and even blogs using the HubSpot’s Design Manager and the PSD to Hubspot conversion becomes much easier and essential for businesses.

Design in Hubspot using PSD files

Photoshop is one of the most widely used graphic editors due to various features such as –

  • The clients can get a preview of the website design that was built on Photoshop.
  • It’s much easier to resize and manipulate the images to be used on the webpages.

Web designers often use Photoshop to create perfect design mockups for websites or apps. It can also be used to design the Hubspot pages or templates.

The Design Manager provides a visualization of the template and you can set it up well. Creating HubSpot templates using PSD files is a good idea.

Here are some steps to help build a HubSpot template using PSD files.

Slicing PSD files into HubSpot

  • You have to save each element such as background image, header, and footer as a separate file.
  • Select the ‘save for web’ option when you export.
  • Fire up the HubSpot Design Manager and you can create a new template using the Template Builder.
  • After you name the new template, you can start using the modules.
  • You can also remove modules that you do not require and also add pieces of your design. You can name the modules according to the elements and files placed in them. Later, this will help you to easily find what you are looking for.
  • You can also add custom styling through CSS within the modules.
  • You can also use the source code to alter the design or resize the images if the images or designs are not right for the web page.

PSD to HubSpot Development

Layout Builder and Creating a New Template

To create a new template in HubSpot, it is crucial to select a Layout Builder once you have the PSD design ready. The PSD file may be a wireframe or mockup created with the website design in mind.

You also have the option to utilize the Code Editor or employ experienced HubSpot COS developers to develop your custom modules.

Facts about HubSpot Modules:

  • HubSpot modules are useful to structure the layout of the templates.
  • You can drag and drop modules.
  • Modules can also be swapped or halved.
  • You can also place modules in rows or groups to fit various models for styling and optimization.
  • HubStop also provides modules such as Image Sliders, Rich Text or even Custom HTML modules. These can be used for customized design requirements.

Edit CSS & Global Module Tools

You can go to the ‘Edit CSS’ option in HubSpot if you want to edit the CSS of each module. You can use a particular module design across all templates. There is a Global Module element, which can be used repeatedly for a HubSpot website.

The Global Module helps you to avoid copying the same code into every module and this makes PSD to HubSpot COS development easier. You can have a single customized module for every template and you need not add the modules one by one all over again.

Benefits of PSD to HubSpot conversion

  • The web designers can easily use PSD to make templates on HubSpot
  • Coding will further help to create the templates from PSD.
  • Developers can code custom modules to give an advanced look to the website.
  • Using PSD to HubSpot conversion, your website can have the modern design to be able to stand in the face of competition.
  • The Design Manager helps to create and manage PSD to HubSpot templates.


HubSpot provides a great template that can make use of your existing PSD files. You can have various custom modules coded or designed to suit your needs. Each module needs to be named according to its files and images to be easily accessible.

You can build professional and sleek websites using HubSpot templates. You can further customize them to look more advanced and stylish. HubSpot makes it time-saving and efficient for businesses to build their websites from scratch just with the help of PSD to HubSpot conversions.

The web designers can easily convert the perfect PSD file to a template without any alterations to the design.

Once the business has come up with a wireframe or mockup, they can head over to HubSpot and start working on their custom templates right away. This template can then help build their website quickly and efficiently. This can improve the company’s performance and productivity.

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