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Here’s How You Can Import Your Photos Without Creating Duplicates

Our home PCs and MacBooks are our final resort to take a backup of our smartphones and import all the photos to make room for upcoming selfies.

While doing so, we often end up importing a lot of duplicate photos that clutter our MacBook. Trying different ways may not find and remove all the duplicate photos on our Mac. It’s better we import them the right way so that we don’t end up creating duplicates.

Manual methods of finding and removing duplicates are tedious and time taking yet can’t assure us only unique photos. You can still tweak the process and use one of the best duplicate photo finders for Mac to find and remove duplicate photos from Mac. Let’s try some manual methods before we use the best photo duplicate finder for Mac which can help us to avoid creating duplicates in the system through some software available in the market.

Solution To Avoid Creating Duplicates In Mac?

Unfortunately, there is NO direct method to avoid creating duplicates unless you are copying photos to the same folder with the same name. if you are running your MacBook with an older version, you can tweak some settings out there.

Apple’s legendary iPhotos app was replaced with Photos App for OS X. You can disable the ‘Copy items to the Photos Library’ option in the settings to avoid copying duplicate images with the same name.

Manual Process can be done as follows

Step 1. Open Photos App in OS X.

Step 2. Go to the Photos menu and select Preferences. Command + Comma (,) can also take you to the same window.

Step 3. Go to the General Tab and look for ‘Importing: Copy items to the Photos library’ and uncheck the box to disable copying images.

Step 4. Close the interface and restart the Mac before copying images.

Photos app will still work for you but your transfer will not automatically take place.

Import Photos Using Import Menu

Transferring photos from your iPhone can be easy with the Import Menu. You can import photos from a server, External memory card, hard drive, or any other source.

Step 1. Go to the ‘Photos’ app, click on the ‘File’ menu, and then click on the ‘Import’ option. You can also reach here with (Shift + Command + I) hotkeys.

Step 2. Browse through the folder and select photos that you wish to back up on your MacBook.

Step 3. Once selected, click on the ‘Review for Import’ button at the bottom.

Step 4. On the next window, click on ‘Import All New Photos’, and all the selected images will be imported to your selected folder. You can browse through the images and perform a side-by-side comparison. Eliminate any duplicate found image.

Using the New Smart Folder

Smart Folder is a wonderful feature in Mac that can help you identify identical images and remove them from your storage. Here is how to delete duplicate images using Smart Folder.

Step 1: Go to the Finder tab on your Mac, click on the Apple menu and then pull down the file menu.

Step 2: Click on the ‘New Smart Folder’ option from the list.

Step 3: Select the search criteria as ‘Images’ and select ‘All’ under types.

Step 4: Browse the search results and select the duplicate images that need to be deleted.

Step 5: Right-click on the selected image and hit delete.

Create a Separate Folder for Edited Images

Managing photos is a trick and without it, you will always end up saving duplicate images in different folders. Whenever you edit any image, prefix ‘Edited’ before the name of the image while saving a copy. Whenever you will search for ’Edited’ it will list out all the edited images that you already know are a copy of saved images.

Naming Folders & Sub-folders

While storing multiple images on the drive, name the folders and subfolders as per the event, date & time or give them a title that can help you identify the photos. Change the Metadata of the photos or the EXIF information of all the photos in one go with one of the best Photos EXIF Editor.

Using The Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac

The best duplicate photo finder for Mac can help you identify and eliminate duplicate photos from your Mac, Photos App, external storage devices, or cloud storage.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the best duplicate photo finders for Mac that you can use in 2021 to find and remove duplicate photos from Mac. It can detect exact or similar photos, and mark them automatically to delete. You can preview them and delete them all in one go. You can compare the features of the Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac before selecting the best utility for your Mac.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro allows you to adjust the accuracy level for identifying duplicates. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to include or exclude trusted folders to run a deep scan or a quick scan and preview duplicate photos in front of you. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is also available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices.


No matter, how carefully you transfer images from your other gadgets to your MacBook, you will always end up creating duplicates in the import or backup process. Unfortunately, there is no such robust mechanism to avoid creating duplicate photos on Mac. Manual methods of identifying and removing duplicate photos from Mac is tiresome and time taking without offering accuracy level. The only resort is to make use of the best duplicate photo finder for Mac that can easily identify and delete duplicate photos from Mac with a single click.

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