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Home Improvement with Smart Technology

Technology is improving and adapting to our needs on a regular basis and their main focus is to make the life of the consumer easier. Already some electrical appliances that are adapting to our needs in order to improve our productivity around our homes, but the latest smart technologies are taking things to a whole new level.

SMART stands for “Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology.” Smart technology is more common than ever before and is available to a variety of people. This technology can be controlled and monitored over the internet, allowing you to complete daily household routines with the click of a button.

There is no doubt that smart technology has a list of benefits, making our lives easier and even environmentally friendly. Smart technology is energy-efficient, it offers us a convenience in many ways, our security and peace of mind and smart technology can save money down the road.

Safety first

In our chaotic lifestyle and news headlines that makes us fear our own safety from time to time, one cannot be too careful. Smart technology is improving the security systems in our homes allowing us to check in our homes while we are away. Smart security can tell the difference between a cat and a burglar, giving you a piece of mind that your home is being guarded. In case of a fire, there is simple smart smoke detectors that will alert you when smoke is detected to more advance smart devices that will even call the fire department for you. Watching your children while you are in another room will make sure they stay safe. Other smart devices can even monitor your newborns breathing while he/she is asleep helping you get a good nights’ rest.

Daily tasks

No need spending plenty of time on cleaning anymore, as smart vacuum cleaners got it covered. Smart vacuum cleaners have the ability to detect and navigate obstacles and can even automatically empty its dust bin. Smart technology is available for all appliances around the house to make your daily task more energy-efficient and organized, saving you time and saving you money. From a smart fridge that can make weekly eating plans and order food when supply is running low, to kettles that are timed to have your coffee ready when you arrive, is giving you back some extra time in the day.

There are small gadgets and insta

Money savers:

llations that are made smart that can help save money around the home. A few examples are lights, smart faucet, thermal heat detectors and shower meters that are all made smart to help you become more energy-efficient and helps you monitor energy and water usage.

Even the roof of your house can be smart, by a smart system that takes into account temperature and moisture. In the risk of ice forming, the heat is brought in. This snow melting system is energy-efficient and economical.

Entertain yourself

Having your home equipped with smart technology will leave you with more time for yourself. The only thing left to do is to keep yourself entertained. If you enjoy having guest over, you should make sure your wine is in top notch; a smart wine cellar has an energy saving cooling system and will take care of all wine storage needs through a telescopic shelving and dual zone cooling.

A big variety of smart TVs’ on the market will keep you entertained by acting as your own home theater.

Your home can be made completely smart by retrofitting your home for home automation or you can choose to add smart technology as they hit the market. It is always wise to make sure that your current technology is compatible with the new brand before you buy.

Gadgets you can use to upgrade your home

Energy-efficient and automated lighting; Philips Hue

A first and most obvious perk of using automated smart lighting is improved convenience inside your home. For instance, Philips Hue line of lighting systems analyzes outdoors light and adjusts the intensity of light in each room. Philips also offers wireless controlling and comes in various colors, kits and singles.  Therefore, your home will be provided with the best lighting mode for a particular part of the day. However, this system also guarantees energy savings on utility bills.  Find it here: https://amzn.to/2k2izUB

Programmable thermostat; Nest Learning Thermostat

One of the most affordable yet effective gadgets is indeed a programmable thermostat. The principle they work on is much more customized- smart thermostats track temperature outside of your home to create the perfect temperature in your interior. Customized approach to your schedule and home temperature is the main property of Nest Leaning Thermostat. With the unique, smooth design and two-year warranty, Nest belongs to top smart thermostats on the market. The brand pushed the limits of conventional thermostats and created a gadget that is now seen as a valuable addition to your house. Not only will this save you money (it excludes useless heating and cooling) but it also boosts comfort by creating optimal temperature inside your home.  Find it here: https://amzn.to/2Gou4yJ

Power strip; Anker 6 Outlet with 4 USB ports

Power strips are one of those gadgets that many people forget about, but they offer admirable benefits. If you fit into a category of people who consistently leave TV or radio turned on, don’t unplug chargers and leave the light on; then this one is for you. Power strips recognize when the device (for instance TV) is not in use, but it is passive. Therefore, strips block the power and turn off the device. A classic power strip and surge protector is Anker 6 Outlet with 4 USB ports. While it looks simple, this 30 dollars worth piece of smart technology has one obvious advantage; not only it can take six outlets but it also has 4 ports for charging.  Find it here: https://amzn.to/2GrmeUL

Automatic sprinkler system; RainMachine Touch HD 12

Make your lawn last longer, and your plants look more compelling by installing an automatic sprinkler system. Smart sprinklers offer proper water distribution and keep your plants looking beautiful. One of the best smart models on the market is RainMachine Touch HD 12 with WiFi controlling option. RainMachine offers countless programs and options for watering your garden, it features seven-day forecast to make a customized watering schedule. Although it is packed with many options, this smart controller is simple to use. You will also save time that you can spend on more important tasks!  Find it here: https://amzn.to/2IOBCje

Smart speakers; The Amazon Echo

Smart speakers provide you with crystal clear sounds, but they also take a step further. Upgraded with an intelligent system, smart speakers can listen to your commands, read to your, search something on the internet and even be a central system for other smart gadgets in your home. Mentioning smart speakers can’t go without mentioning Amazon Echo model of speakers. Amazon launched one of the first ever smart speakers. Echo can do just about anything with AI program Alexa inside it; Alexa counts over 10,000 commands! Therefore, except for finishing tasks like reading, getting traffic info or ordering food, Alexa can also have a proper chat with you. What an ultimate experience!  Find it here: https://amzn.to/2wSQPLk

Comparing the lifestyle today with let’s say 20 years ago you would notice that today there are more demands and that is the reason why our lifestyle has become a rush through time. With this busy lifestyle, everyday tasks around our homes becomes a nightmare if it takes up too much of our time.

Not being able to finish daily routine task can often leave us feeling exhausted and miserable. After a busy day at work or seeing that our families’ priorities are taken care of, our homes should be a place where we can come to relax and enjoy entertaining times with our loved ones.

Any more to share, please leave in the comments section below.

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