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How AI is Changing Web Development

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last twelve months, changing many industries. One of those industries is web development however, this has been involved with web development for some time now but is improving.

AI is capable of developing a website that is far more engaging, adaptive and creative than ever before.

As AI continues to develop into a powerful tool that we can use to our benefit, web developers are learning how to incorporate it into their projects. That includes fantastic and interactive features such as voice-enabled user interfaces and automated customer service. It is also capable of improving personalised shopping experiences and developing highly researched content for the website.

There is no doubt that web development has improved a lot thanks to AI but it is more than just improving the user’s experience, website design and voice-enabled user interface. In this article, we delve into the positives of AI with web development and how it has benefited many websites around the world.

How Does AI Work for Web Developers

Artificial intelligence is something that many people can’t grasp, especially when it comes to implementing it into their work. Implementing AI into web design is also very difficult. AI in web development is there to make a website more interactive. It is there to make a website more engaging for the user and that’s what it does. Additionally, it helps website owners understand the user even more. With this data, they can tailor the website to the user and give them a more personalised experience.

How does web development adopt AI? Well, artificial intelligence will use machine learning algorithms to retrieve the data from a user when they are interacting with the website. As the AI continues to learn about the user, the website will continuously optimise the website so it is personal to the user. For example, when Amazon suggests products similar to what a consumer has recently bought or viewed.

Something else which AI helps benefit web developers is that it is capable of predicting analysis. Shein is one company which is using AI in this way, predicting fashion trends so they can manufacture the desired product before other brands around the world.

The Benefits of AI With Web Development

There is no doubt AI is benefiting web developers and making websites far more advanced than in previous years. At the end of the day, building a website needs to be smooth and create a good user experience. If a website doesn’t have a good user experience, the user will likely leave the website without making any transactions or enquiring about a service.

A website is capable of learning about the user but that isn’t it. It can also make building a  website much easier and quicker. For example, you can now move content blocks in the backend of a website and implement custom HTML and CSS code.

Artificial intelligence makes website development much quicker than it was before due to it being capable of analysing users’ data there and then. Again, the website shows customers the things they like and this reduces costs significantly.

There is no doubt AI benefits a website for the user’s experience but also helps build a website. Developing a website is much quicker than it was before. AI is capable of producing content for a website which is well-researched instead of the web developer manually typing out this content. That is great for the early stages of web development before a content team goes in and writes more educational content which is tailored to that business.

Different Ways AI Is Used In Web Development

There are many ways that AI helps benefit web development. We have already discussed the benefits of tailoring products to a user and making development tasks much simpler but there is so much more.

Automatic Design Features

One of the many other benefits AI brings to web development is that is capable of generating logos and banners for a website. AI will design graphics from data which has been provided by the user. Graphic design can be time-consuming and very expensive which is why AI helps to reduce the costs of design work.

Generate Content

One of the things we touched on earlier is that AI is capable of designing content for a website. That includes factual information on a product or service. It does this by scanning numerous sources on the internet and combining that information to develop content.

The Difficulties Of Implementing AI In Web Development

Many issues arise with AI and web development and have only recently been found out due to how many people are using AI. There is no true understanding of the dangers of relying on AI yet as it is still in the early stages. Nevertheless, there are still some problems with it.


AI can pose a massive security risk to a user as it requires personal data to tailor a website to their needs. As this is very early, cybersecurity measures are not in place to prevent any of these risks from happening.

Requires Regular Maintenance

Although artificial intelligence provides many benefits to design work, content creation and web development, it can add time to other areas. That includes maintenance work on your website. For example, new AI models need to be monitored and changes need to be made to a customer’s data.

To Conclude

AI in web development has massive benefits however, there are some risks to it. In fact, there are a lot of risks to artificial intelligence overall because of this. People are not involved with their day-to-day tasks as well.

There is no doubt that AI is ridiculously clever. That is why it has been used to trick many victims into seeking crypto recovery due to fake celebrity videos being made by AI, telling them to invest or purchase crypto.

Although there is a lot of negative news regarding AI, there are positives with it and you can see that in the web development industry. You just need to understand how to use it and the risks it poses if it is misused.

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