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How are SEO and Affiliate Marketing Related?

Starting, maintaining, and growing an affiliate business takes time and patience. Growing your site from a passion project into a source of steady income may take quite some time, but ranking high on different search result pages can help shorten this time.

That is to say, search engines are the biggest allies an affiliate can have, but only if they take the time to understand what they need to do to get a great ranking. We are here to give you the best search engine optimization tips every affiliate needs.

Be Aware of your Visitors

Knowing what your visitors are looking for from a site like yours is a great way to get some guidelines when it comes to SEO. This is especially true since there are many constant changes occurring within search engine policies. To gain this knowledge, you will have to observe user online behavior on and off your site with tools such as cookies. These are a useful tool since they can tell you more about your mobile visitors as well.

When you are aware of your audience’s behavior, it’s time to research your competition’s sites, offers, and most importantly, any weak spots in their content. It is absolutely normal to drop the ball sometimes, and you should be ready to create a piece of content that can rise above the competition. Whether it’s an update for the current year, a longer article that the competitor just glossed over, or a great backlink, you should make sure search engines see your content as the clear winner.

Research Keywords Thoroughly

Peppering in keywords into your content after you have already created it just doesn’t cut it nowadays. It is important to start your keyword research before you decide on a title and plan the rest accordingly. This way you will be able to include the keywords in the post more organically. More importantly, you will be able to build a content strategy in advance and plan your next topics of discussion.

If your primary goal is to grow your audience and traffic, incorporating high and low volume keywords into your content is the way to go.

When it comes to keywords, volume means the frequency those terms are most often typed in different search engines relating to a particular niche. High volume keywords mostly don’t change and represent the broadest population’s knowledge about the topic. On the other hand, low volume keywords (also known as long-tail keywords) are more specific and cater to people who have their minds set to purchase a product. As you can deduce, you should shoot for high volume keywords if you are looking to attract more visitors and low volume ones if you want to increase sales. We recommend using a combination of both.

Make your On-page Content Search Engine-Friendly

There are many ways to make your written content stand out and become a favorite. The elements of a good SEO article are twofold. The elements of the text you should pay attention to are

  • The contents of your content
  • Formatting and keyword inclusion

Content in and of Itself

Search engines are temperamental and go through many changes. However, the need for original and compelling content stays constant if you intend to rank high. That is why you should be passionate or at least interested in what you are talking about on your site. Google and other search engines like new information, comprehensive and all-encompassing articles. This is true because people tend to enjoy them, and, hence, click them more as well. Your writing style should be distinctive and play off of your personality. If you have a good sense of humor, are observant, or do amazing research, you should use this to create content with a personal twist and allow your audience to get some value from that as well.

Additionally, you should make your content as easy to read as possible. Long-winded sentences? Don‘t need ‘em. Can I say it in a simpler way? Do it! Are you in your greatest capacities able to showcase your intellect and wits through sophisticated vocabulary in an effortless turn of phrase? Yeah, refrain from that.

The Formatting

The way your content is formatted is a huge factor when it comes to text readability. Here are some basic tips to draw the visitors’ eyes deeper into the articles.

Break up the article into shorter paragraphs. This way the readers won‘t be facing a wall of text. In turn, the content will be easier to navigate through, and most people will have less trouble finding where they left off. Secondly, the human eye will see blank spaces as a sort of break and a natural segue into the next paragraph.

Include visual media into the text. Images are also a natural resting spot and can make the reader want to continue reading the article. An additional tip would be to write captions for every image, where you can include a funny or informative comment, again breaking up the text into smaller holes. It is important for the images to be relevant to the topic in some way, of course.

Some other ways to bring readers‘ attention to your content include:

  • Using bold and italics
  • Avoiding using excess words, such as adverbs, basically
  • Including transition words which make the text flow
  • Including subheadings to break up the text and allow for more negative space
    • Making bulleted lists within the content

As you can see, affiliate marketing has a lot to do with SEO. You already know you should constantly work on becoming visible to more people since it brings more leads to your site. However, every successful affiliate also knows being merely visible isn‘t enough.

A lot of searches will place sponsored ads prominently ahead of the competition. However, this may bring some more revenue only while the ad is up since it isn‘t an organic search result. If your SEO skills are impeccable, your site‘s high ranking within search engine results can be a trust signal that makes your site relevant and popular for a long time.

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