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How Can Bitcoin Transactions be Made Safe?

Bitcoin is a sort of cryptocurrency that is used in the whole world. Bitcoin is famous and is known to be safe and anonymous. The transactions which are carried through the use of bitcoin have hidden source.

In the beginning, a lot of people used bitcoin to have their transactions done because they found bitcoin to be safe, but in reality, bitcoin is not as safe as people think.

There is a network which is properly assembled and all the transactions of the bitcoin are stored and recorded on that network. Having records of your transactions indicate that anyone can have access to those records and anyone can see the transaction details which the people have done through bitcoin. Other than the transaction records, the balance left in the bitcoin account can also be tracked.

In the latest and developed technology, it is impossible to have the unknown sources. The founder and the developer of Bitcoin currency is Satoshi Nakamoto and according to the views, bitcoin and its transactions remain anonymous only when you yourself don’t disclose any information regarding your link with and the use of bitcoin. If you being a bitcoin user post or update the web address over the internet, you are letting people know about your link with the bitcoin and thus it can make the information and records of your bitcoin account easily traceable.

Reasons for bitcoin not being anonymous

Some of the reasons which make you realize that the transactions with bitcoin are not actually anonymous are as follows:

  • The hackers can easily find the connections between the basic points and by this they can reach the depth and the source of transactions. This connectivity of points helps them in exploring your bitcoin transaction records.
  • The use of bitcoin is associated with the personal identities of the users and it makes it easy for the hacker to find the records and thus the bitcoin transactions don’t remain anonymous.
  • Due to the address linked to the owner’s personal information bitcoins are not anonymous rather it also indicates the use of bitcoin by other people in the group.
  • The bitcoin accounts are connected to the trackers and web cookies which link social media accounts to it and each and every detail is sent to the social media accounts of the people.

To prevent yourself from any danger and trouble in the future, you can use and follow some of the tips that can make your transactions safe and your identity will be secured. Bitcoin mixers make your transaction safe.

Use of tumbler or bitcoin mixer

From the above-mentioned points and a lot of more reasons, it is now clear that the bitcoin and its transactions are not anonymous. This is why you should be more careful while using bitcoin and this you can do by using the bitcoin mixers to have improved financial privacy.

Tumblers and bitcoin mixers are the same things. The word mixer shows its meaning by itself that it would be something associated with mixing. Same is the thing done by the use of bitcoin mixer as it mixes your transaction to the other transactions and it becomes very difficult for the hackers to track your information of transactions. The bitcoin mixer is normally used by the money sender at first and later on used by the receiver. There are various websites for you to use bitcoin mixer but the best and the trusted one is .

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