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How Can Electronic Health Records(EHRs) Help to Create Mandatory School Health Reports?

EHRs are real-time patient-centered health records that make health and medical information available to authorized users promptly and securely. The system includes a broader perspective of a patient’s care than just a record of medical and treatment history. It:

Is a book that keeps track of a patient’s medical history, diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment plans, vaccination dates, allergies, radiological pictures, and laboratory and test results.

Provides physicians with access to evidence-based tools for making decisions regarding a patient’s treatment.

Provider workflows are automated and streamlined.

In schools, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are used for reporting.

EHRs help school nurses provide population-based healthcare to the whole school community by facilitating data management activities such as documentation, student data analysis, and reporting.

In terms of reporting, school districts may now use a consistent reporting format to evaluate health data and make educated healthcare decisions for the school district and state, thanks to the development of EHR systems to handle student healthcare data.

In just a few clicks, school nurses may develop detailed reports on absenteeism, communicable disease outbreaks, vaccine compliance, and much more, and share them with local or state health departments. In the current value-based healthcare environment, EHR systems’ capacity to collect data in real-time and produce credible health data and reports is what makes them effective.

Reporting in schools using EHR systems

An EHR system may create a variety of reports, and most systems make it simple for authorized users to enter a requirement and generate a report with only the information they need.

Forms containing student health data are frequently gathered in a school setting around the beginning of the school year, when students can submit a form indicating their health statuses. And the necessary data is extracted and compiled into a report.

While this procedure was previously conducted manually, it has proven to be time-consuming due to the hours of paperwork and coordination required, without which putting together such massive volumes of data would be difficult.

The gathering of information and reporting has gotten considerably easier since the advent of digital forms in EHR systems, since it allows for easy data collection and reduces the need for paper. It saves all of the important data to the database once it has gathered all of the necessary information.

The following are some of the pre-built school health reports that may be readily created with EduHealth EHR:

  • Reports about vaccinations
  • Reports on the progress of COVID 19
  • Reports on medical history
  • Reports on previous treatment
  • Allergy information
  • Reports on nurse visits
  • Reports on the logs

How EduHealth assists schools in meeting their reporting obligations

To ensure the safety of children and employees in the school environment, meticulous reporting on student health and collaboration between schools, school districts, local health authorities, and state health administrations are essential. Because the reports generated by EHR systems are standardized, they may be coordinated.

Most common reports are included into EduHealth’s comprehensive reporting module, allowing authorized school health staff to easily assemble this data and send it to the appropriate authorities in a uniform format.

The EduHealth EHR’s standardization of reporting ensures that no information is overlooked. Health officials have accurate and up-to-date health information on kids and staff, allowing them to make critical choices on crucial health-related issues for school systems. This enables businesses to satisfy their required reporting obligations and consolidate all data into a single format, making reporting more straightforward and efficient.

Features of EduHealth EHR

Immunization monitoring

With the vaccination tracker on EduHealth EHR, school nurses can keep track of their kids’ vaccines at a glance.

Authorizations for Medication and Treatment

Keep track of your doctor’s authorizations for certain drugs and therapies to ensure safe medication practices.

Management of medical records

On the student’s digital health record, you may see all of the relevant medication and therapy information at a glance.

Health examinations

In a few clicks, you may record health screening information on the EduHealth EHR system and examine the record at a glance.


With EduHealth EHR, you can quickly capture students’ medical information and use a streamlined charting approach.

Information management made simple

In a flash, you may get emergency contact information, essential health information, and much more.

With EduHealth EHR, school nurses are on top form.

The EduHealth EHR nurse’s dashboard is extensive, providing school nurses with all of the data they want for the day. The EduHealth EHR user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for school nurses to get all of the necessary information at a glance.

  • Task management on a daily basis
  • Immunization monitoring
  • Tracking of medication and therapy administration
  • Management of cohorts
  • Management of parental requests
  • Management of medication reorders
  • Management of health forms and pharmaceutical authorizations
  • Management of the student’s medical history log


Why do schools require an electronic health record (EHR) system?

Students’ health records must be kept up to date in order to provide effective and timely health treatment. It is aided by electronic health records for schools. Children’s medicines and treatments, as well as all other health and well-being-related activities, are recorded using digital technology in EHR systems. School nurses may use EduHealth EHR to precisely monitor students’ health-related data and provide improved health care.

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