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How Do I Resize A Photo On My Mac Without Losing Quality

Whenever we are trying to edit our pictures, one of the important things to do in it is to resize the image for different aspects. These aspects could be for anything like publishing on social media pages, for a presentation in the family get-together, or even anything related to work business.

Most importantly, image resizing becomes a necessity for web developers to keep the page loading faster and launching simpler. Be whatever reason it is, you need to have a good image resizing app for Mac in order to complete all the tasks.

Now there are a couple of good image resizer tools for Mac available which we will explain through the blog. However, let’s go ahead with the image resizer through the in-built application of Mac itself.

How to Resize Photos On Mac? (Preview)

For this, firstly locate your photo on Mac and this could be done using Finder at first. Or if you have photos ready on desktop or external drive, locate them up and we are ready to go.

Step 1: Right-click on the photo or number of photos and select here ‘Open with’. The next sub-menu allows you to select ‘Preview(default)’. If you are selecting many photos at once, hold the Command button and select the thumbnail for complete selection.

Step 2: As soon as the preview opens, go to Tools from the top bar and select ‘Adjust size’.

Step 3: In the next section, you can enter the specifications which are required to you.

Step 4: Click OK.

Step 5: In order to save the dimensions in the Mac, click on File in the toolbar and just Save in the system.

This allows you to resize the images within the Mac without the need for downloading another software. However, if you like to add more software in your list with added features, we are here for you.

Best Image Resizer Software

Tweak Photos

Designed by the house of Systweak software, it tweaks the picture to make it perfect so that you don’t need to feel sorry about taking poor pictures. Apart from resizing the entire batch of photos available, you can also correct the orientation of pictures, stylize it, put a watermark on it, change the texture, and whatnot. Get multiple-layer management done while also denoising the pictures.

Resize Sense

With a good and proper sense of resizing photos, you can use this tool on your Mac to resize, crop, rotate, flip, straighten, and whatnot. It is pretty much flexible for your terms and conditions and even resizes batch photos at a time. Now not just photo editing software, you can also edit the metadata to change your location, rename them and hide the identity safely.


Get ready to take full control of your photos through editing and resizing with PhotoBulk as it is a very smart software with promising features. The best is its sleek and dark interface which makes the editing experience different and unique from others. You can even call this app for resizing pictures a high-end one for efficiency.


This image resizer compresses photos for you without losing their quality. It is more focused on automation where a user just needs to drag and drop the photos in here and give the control to this tool for optimization. Here you can also find a couple of size templates in hand which allow you to resize the images in the easiest manner possible.

Movavi Photo Manager

Not the boring photo resizer or organized, it has something unique in its shell. It has decent features to enhance the pictures where photo resizing in batch or individual level is one of the tools. It provides you with two options here. You can either type in the dimensions with the required width, height, size and pixels or just choose the preset sizes ranging from 640 x 480 to 3200 x 2400. However, keep in mind that it automatically erases the original photo here and you need to keep the copy before editing or resizing the photos here.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have figured out which is the best app for resizing photos on Mac or the best image resizer through the blog. Although you must have noticed that the same actions could take place through an in-built app called Preview which is the default app too. But it doesn’t provide other features like editing of images, changing of metadata, etc. This is why users look for different image resizer apps on Mac and add multiple other features to their photos. Which one of the image resizers is best for you and why. Share your views and recommendations with us in the comments below.

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