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How Facebook Horizon is Set to Skyrocket your VR Experience

Gone are those old days when Facebook was only considered as a social media forum to interact, socialize and promote. With the advancements being made in the digital market, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others are more than just an ordinary platform to interact. Since the day they have launched, there efficient performance and smart user-interface are allowing the user to unlock their potential and achieve optimum results promptly.

If you compare Facebook‘s interface with the site in 2005, then you’ll notice the company has developed and evolved over the years. With the constant change in its methods, the functionality has also resulted in the growth of both, owner and the consumer. With all the updates, the company took a major step when they recently went on a journey to revamp its image and brand by using virtual reality (VR) technology.

It is expected that by the mid of this year will accomplish new goals by diving into the world VR tech. and to give a better concept to the audience, the company has named it Facebook Horizon, a new social VR world experience, which will be soon launched with a set of Oculus Rift.

VR to Influence the Entertainment Industry

Undoubtedly, VR is already striking the goals for many businesses. But when it comes to the entertainment industry, VR works perfectly by launching new and fantastic ways to reunite people. Whether you want to keep up with your long-distance friend, your kids in the next room or you want to play exciting VR games with your gaming group, Facebook Horizon will enable you to explore new, seamless and immersive experiences. By using this smart app and tech, you can learn more about the fast pace world and hone your skills.

According to the designers of the app, the reason behind creating a high-end app with VR facilities is to spread awareness and build connections between humans and machines. If you think, VR tech used in this app is similar to games you used to play then the app has more advanced features that’ll allow you to experience different things while using it.

Facebook and VR Tech: A Match Made in Heaven

Since the news about this exciting conjugation between Facebook and VR tech broke out, everybody is going super crazy about it. The company even announced that they’ll be working on creating their own Ready Player One Oasis called Horizon. If you don’t know what it is then it’s similar to a virtual reality sandbox universe that will allow the user to connect with other users from all across the globe. In this way, users can explore new places, create their chat communities, groups, and socialize with friends. In other words, Facebook taking over VR to give it a new life.

According to the local tech veterans, it is predicted that the company will launch the Facebook VR Horizon version in mid 2020 as a closed beta. The reason for making it a little privacy is to allow the selected users to visit and rate the app first. This will help the manufacturers understand and overcome glitches (if it has any). After reviewing the portal company, the audience will then be allowed to access the app. The users can play single or multiplayer games and create their avatar to make it look more realistic. Along with that, you can also add effects and use different audios to enhance your gaming experience. If you are thinking that these games will be similar to the one Facebook has previously played then they are meant to deliver a fledged VR game experience where the user can visit different destinations and explore them.

Facebook Horizon is set to launch in. It will allow selected users to design their avatars and travel between different virtual locations through portals. Users will be able to do everything a multiplayer game allows with the added effects of VR guides and lifelike experience. The company has also decided to shut down any existing social VR experiences in October until Horizon is launched. While Facebook has previously worked on fully functional, Horizon is meant to be where users can permanently reside.

What Else Can you Do With the Facebook VR Horizon

In the tech conference last year, the designers of the app opened up about the features. They said the VR Horizon comes with endless features that can go beyond your imagination. The users can meet each other in the VR world and do fun activities, discover new places and become a part of the exciting adventure.

Delve into an Exciting Experience

With this app, the user can create its own experience. From making your avatars to creating a player who can play with you, there is a range of features that you can do with the VR Horizon. You can also use a range of VR assisting tools and techs that can develop your experience.

Cease it When you Want

The best part about this app is that you can fully-control this app. If you feel like the environment gets too overwhelming, you can simply shut it down. If there are some other issues, you dint have to report and wait till the company takes the action, but you can do the thing that you feel are better to create a positive experience around you. This type of protection allows you to use the app efficiently and enjoy its comfort too.


Facebook VR Horizon is perfect to promote VR features.  It is not supporting its gaming facilities but allowing the audience to know more about the tech. Apart from games, it can also be used for social interaction, better engagement and discovering new places.

If you are wondering that VR tech is used for games only then Facebook has efficiently changed the means of the way this tech was used. After the success of VR architecture design, you can use the tech for more seamless experiences.

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