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How iOS & Android Apps Help Growing Your Business

When you run a business, the end goal is usually to make an impact and also make a profit along the way. However, to achieve this, a significant amount of work has to be put in. You likely already know this hence you deciding to take the time out to read this article.

Some characteristics of a successful business are to reach high levels of productivity, be found, and promote growth. This isn’t usually something that happens overnight as it will take time and sometimes financial investments. With that being said, here are a number of ways to boost efficiency and grow your business.

Is There an App for That?

Already have a viable website? Consider the benefits of adding a mobile app shoppers can add to their devices. It’s a smart way to send them directly to your store, and a well-crafted app can tailor their shopping experience to their needs and tastes. For instance, does your business rely on appointments for income? You can incorporate features to allow your customers to schedule their time slots, and send reminders when they’re due.

You don’t need to be a computer whiz to make it happen, since you can hire a freelance app developer to create one to your specifications with an App Builder like https://www.apprat.io/. Develop your vision for your app, and start researching potential freelancers. One idea is to ask around for recommendations through social media sites, professional connections, and research job boards for candidates. Soon you’ll find the right pro to bring your ideas to life.


This addition to mobile app software includes the employee incentive program and customer loyalty program. It is designed to allow its users to run a customer support leaderboard-based gamification or sales performance with the aim of improving best practices. Multiple point systems are used to track performance. For customers, you can offer special discounts, coupons, trophies, and freebies. Furthermore,  you can monitor customer engagement, including site visits, video streaming, and shopping cart activities.

For employees, you can track progress during the development stage of a product so they can focus more easily on the project without stress and complete it in less time. Use badges and rewards to motivate performance and boost productivity.

Be Found

Keywords are what make people discover your site, and the more websites you display your product, the more visibility you create and are more likely to be found. When customers type something into the search engine, it means that they intend to engage in whatever it is they are looking for. So, if you are providing local services, it will be helpful if you use localized keywords so people in your area can know about the nearest local service.

Introduce New Tech

To begin with, if you want an efficient and growing business, be open to trying new technology. Beyond looking innovative and sometimes futuristic, technology can do wonders when it comes to boosting efficiency.

This is especially true thanks to automation, which helps reduce the number of time employees spend working on mundane tasks. Regarding how you can use technology to maximize efficiency, try using web-based apps or  product management systems. You should also know that technology isn’t as expensive as you may imagine it to be and there are free versions which would suit smaller businesses.

Improve your Company Communications

Mobile apps can help to improve your company communications.  This includes broadband, pbx, mobile phones, and anything having to do with connectivity and the power to control it. This will help you to run a more effective and efficient operation. It will also act as a driving force behind the growth of your business.

If you are currently struggling to navigate the digital world, this is a brilliant opportunity for you to take control of the situation.

Boost Employee Performance

Mobile apps can boost your employee performance. Instead of asking your workers to carry out repetitive and unnecessary tasks, you can use technology to make their jobs much more rewarding. This will allow your team members to focus on important matters such as carrying out research, getting in touch with clients, and communicating with one another.

Furthermore, as their boss, you will be able to monitor the activities of your workers.

Attract New Customers

Creating a mobile app for your operation should also help you to bring in new customers. By moving your business to mobile devices, you will have access to a much wider target audience. You will also have the chance to experiment with new and exciting marketing techniques. From setting up social media accounts to exploring the benefits of video marketing, there are so many avenues for you to explore. If you are daunted by this prospect, why not invest in a technology training program for your staff? Alternatively, you could bring in a team of IT experts. Taking these steps will help you to use technology to your advantage. You will be able to experiment with a new approach to attracting customers, without leaving yourself open to embarrassing errors and common mistakes.

Keep a Close Eye on your Industry Peers

As you push forward with your expansion plans, it is important that you are keeping a close eye on your industry peers. Otherwise, they could end up embarrassing your brand by offering a better selection of products and services. Have no fear, monitoring your competitors is surprisingly straightforward.

The trick is to set up Google Alerts for your area of the industry. This will give you direct access to relevant news stories and will save you from scrolling through page after page of useless information. You could also intensify your efforts by setting up decoy social media accounts. Then, you will be able to follow your competitors at the click of a button. Why run the risk of steering your business in the wrong direction, when it is so easy to stay in the know?

How to Find App Developers Seattle

Finding an app developer can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start or strategies that can help. The best professionals in the application development field have to understand their clients’ needs and provide the best services. And to find the best app developers Seattle, there are a number of things to do or know. Have a look:

  • Do some research
  • Seek referrals or recommendations
  • Look at experience
  • Be clear about your needs and requirements
  • Use effective criteria to judge the app developer like their speciality and communication skills


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