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How is Technology Improving the Lives of Pets?

Technology and IoT have paved the way us interact with each other. We have modern ways to interact with people who are far, far away, but in doing so, we have forgotten someone famous. Pets! Yes, pet tech is helping pets and people bond together more than ever.

The pets that we have in our homes, be it a cat, dog, or even parrots, we treat them as more than animals. They are part of our extended family whom we care, love, and operate like close family. But, let’s be real for a moment. We all expect tech to improve our lives and entertain us when we feel overwhelmed or carried away with the world. If we think like this, what about our pets? Don’t you think they have the liberty to enjoy gaming while you are away?

Of course, you cannot put a price tag on anything that you love – but still, we would like to give our best to our pets. From self-cleaning litter to cooling beds, there are tons of pet tech out there that can help out pets in imaginable ways.

Let the Drone Find your Dog

Drones are not just used in movies to sneak out hideouts of criminals. The modern-day application of a drone is used to search and find the missing pets. When combined with GPS these drones can cover more extensive areas than humans. Previously, these drones have successfully found the lost animals in Houston, Texas. The World Animal Awareness Society is already working to increase the awareness of these types of drones.

Earlier, IBM has filed a patient for a pet sitter, which is just monitoring the movement of your pets. Not only this, the device can entertain your pet when you are away. The drone can feed the dog or can be used to train your dog for a specific purpose.

What an incredible way to combine technology with human intelligence and use it to make your pet safe and entertain them at the same time.

Auto-Cleaning Litterbox

What is the worst part of owning a cat? For me, it’s cleaning the litter. Not to worry anymore, LavvieBot has designed a device that will make litterbox cleaning a painless job. The device looks like a small washing machine. Your cat will of her career in the box, and the device will clean it without assaulting your senses.

The best thing will be that LavvieBot will not leave a trace of anything in your living room or even in your bedroom. An accompanying Purrsong app will alert when the litter is running low, or when your pet needs to visit a vet. The device is perfect for cat owners who worry about their cat destroying their living room with undesirable scant and litter that needs serious attention.

Plus, if you train your cat to do litter on the device, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

How is Tech Interacting with your Pets?

If Harry Potter can talk to snakes, now you can also speak to your pet. Amazon already said that within ten years they would be selling pet translators that will help humans interact with their pets without any hindrance. There is an app for that on Amazon. It’s a human-to-cat translator. It will listen to your cat and make out whatever she is trying to say to you.

PetDog is a device that will help you to interact with your dog by using the power of AI. Felik is another device that will help your dog to create the same movements as humans by using a laser.

Petchatz will help you to reward your pet and give them some entertainment when they act good in the house.

The recent advancement in AI-enabled the dogs to understand their movements and behaviors. A University collaborated with AI and recorded the changes in dogs. Hours and hours of observation have made it possible to understand the evolution of dogs in a far better way.

Give your Pet a Friend

Is your pet alone? Does he need someone as a friend? Say hello to Fido – a Robotic rover that is designed to react to behaviors. When your pet acts in a certain way, this robot will copy that and make your pet his best friend.

The robots are fitted with sensors and AI that will quickly create a real impression on your pet. The robot is so real that in Japan people are even holding funerals with these pets.

The original design is quite impressive. Plus, robotic dogs are an ideal replacement for people who have pet allergies but still want to own a pet without getting killed.

For some people, it still has to believe that these robotic pets can be a companion. As equal as humans feel skeptical about this new companion, real dogs also feel the same about these. Sure, they can act as a companion when it comes to entertaining your dog, but other than that it is still an assumption.

If you are all excited about mobile apps for pets, a mobile app development agency can design a custom app for your pet. Just present them with your idea and let them brainstorm that idea. How will you feel when you can do anything about the things mentioned above? For me, combining tech with pets is quite fascinating. You can talk about your pets, make them feel safe, and even find them when they are lost.

In a Nutshell

The goal of technology is to bring some ease in the life of its users. If the app or the device is creating more problems what the point of is creating that app in the first place.

All of the above apps were designed for people who were facing difficulty with something regarding their pets. If you are willing to ask an agency to create something for you, make sure that it is something that will give you peace. Technology that doesn’t provide peace is of no use.

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