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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Flutter App IN 2024?

A mobile app developed on a Flutter framework comes packed with incredible features & functionalities that elevate the user experience to another level.

However, this development involves time, effort, and of course cost!

When it comes to thinking about the Cost to Develop a Flutter Application, many of us get overwhelmed with how it can fit into the budget.

Well, to understand how much it costs to build a Flutter app it is highly necessary to understand first the factors that can trigger the overall development cost.

Factors that impact Flutter app development

The development cost is a very subjective element that does not come with predefined values, rather it gets impacted largely by several factors, which can increase or decrease the cost of development to a larger extent.

Some of these factors are:

App Complexity

Yeah, the complexity level of Flutter is a major factor and can be bifurcated into 3 categories- basic, medium, and high.

As the name suggests each category has different functionalities, features, 3rd party integration, with advanced technological inclusion that define the app’s complexity.

These complexities can increase the development cost, hence it is highly significant for businesses to pay attention to it.

UI/UX Design

It is one of the most important segments that not just improves the look of the app but also impacts the overall cost as well.

A minimally designed app costs less, as it is usually designed with an existing template.

On the other hand, a customized app with intuitive designs and animations costs extra and inclines the users’ attention towards them.

Licencing & Tools

Flutter is an open-source framework enabling developers to build on it at the cost of nothing.

However, expanding its functionalities to meet specific business demands, requires API integrations to facilitate communication between different programs.

On the other side, when you Hire a dedicated flutter developer, the selection of additional IDEs apart from Flutter app builder development tools, can be considered to improve the quality of app workflow.

Server Occupancy

Every app has some user-generated data which can be large or small depending upon the genre of the app.

Here, the sufficiency of the server infrastructure enables users to experience faster app performance with the least response duration.

A server that doesn’t compromise the security of user data and stays operational around the clock, requires an 8-core CPU and higher RAM.

This type of server comes at a cost and must be considered considering the app scalability factor.

Update & Maintenance

Every app has a different story to tell and deployment is not the end to it. After app deployment, another phase begins and consists of maintenance & updates.

Development companies have different packages for maintenance & update, allowing the apps to stay updated with new features and give a bug-free experience.

Location of developer

The country your developers are located in also plays a crucial role in the cost.

The developers from countries or regions where the cost of living is higher, generally charge extra, whereas the developers coming from Asia and specifically from India cost less.

How much does it cost to build a Flutter app?

As stated above, the app development cost for a Flutter app varies depending upon the aforementioned factors.

It is hard to fit it within a bracket, however, a Flutter app can cost anything between $50,000 to $150,0000 or beyond, depending upon the nature of your app.

Hence it is recommended to consider these factors before making the final move and keeping your app cost within your budget goals.

Final Thoughts

A mobile app is no longer a luxury but a necessity every business must pay attention to. The development cost of a Flutter app can be fit into your budget objective by considering the factors mentioned in this post above.

However, it is highly recommended to build a solution with Flutter app development services, fitting your budget and getting delivered on a specified timeline.

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