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How Recruitment Agencies Recruit People During Covid -19

With the unprecedented global health crisis, almost all businesses are badly affected. Businesses all over the world are facing unique challenges that they never imagined.

Businesses are now left with only two options- either embrace and go with the ongoing changes or shut down until situations get better. While the booming industries like online delivery, grocery stores, IT companies are going with the former one, other industries that have been hard hit like travel and tourism, hotels and restaurants, etc are forced to go with the latter option.

Just like any other industry, the recruitment agencies that have an exclusive connection with a plethora of industries have seen fluctuation and instability. Many industries hire the best recruitment agency for their staffing needs. The only job of recruitment agencies is to find the best recruits for a company. Let us explore the challenges faced by recruitment industries and how they are recruiting people during the ongoing health crisis.

Challenges Faced by Recruiting Agencies

No one has ever thought that the whole world would go into a series of lockdowns. The preparedness for this kind of situation is zero. Though operating virtually is not new for recruitment agencies, the sudden shift to operate remotely has created a challenging situation for this industry as well. Here are some of the challenges faced by recruitment agencies.

Increase in firings

With most companies struggling to sustain in the prevailing crisis, they have resorted to letting their employees go. Several industries got shut off, unable to sustain this crisis. With more firings happening than hirings, the need for the recruitment agency got eliminated.

High requirements by companies

While there are some industries that are hard hit by the pandemic, there are others that are doing exceedingly well. Due to the sudden boom in their businesses, It industries, online delivery industries, pharmacies etc are tackling the increased demand for staff. Recruitment agencies are in a difficult position to cater to these needs without a proper system to screen the candidates virtually.

Decline in Applications

Most of the candidates don’t want to risk their lives during this pandemic. So, they are waiting for situations to get better to start or restart their work. Some individuals are hesitant to make any changes for their work while others lack proper facilities to work remotely. This makes it difficult to fill top positions in companies. Recruitment agencies now have limited applications to fill job positions.

Digitalizing Recruitment Process

With many companies adapting to remote working environments, recruitment agencies are nothing different. Earlier only a part of the agency would work on remote hiring for companies. Now, with the growing demand, the agency should deal with the entire recruitment process online. This requires complete digitalization and remote working of the recruitment agency staff. Lack of proper tools to operate remotely is posing a challenge for the recruitment agencies.

Prioritizing long-term success

During these uncertain times, it is easy for individuals to get demotivated and it is difficult to have a futuristic perspective. All that matters is how a company is operating currently. But, this isn’t the case for recruitment agencies. They must be considering beyond this point. Everything matters to them. They need to maintain a good relationship with the candidate as it will impact the reputation of the organization. They should be aiming for long-term goals rather than short-term ones.

How to tackle the above challenges?

So, what can be done by recruitment agencies to tackle these issues?

  • As many industries are firing their top talent, recruitment agencies can help these professionals relocate to other opportune positions. This will help recruitment agencies to maintain good relations with both the professionals and the companies and will create a demand for them.
  • To cater to the high demands from several industries, recruitment agencies should look into top recruitment software to assist them in hiring potential candidates for the given posts within a limited time. They should also come up with a proper system to screen the candidates virtually.
  • Recruitment agencies can make use of social media platforms to cater to the growing demand. Best recruitment agency won’t leave any stone unturned. With almost every individual on social media, using this channel for the recruiting process will widen the reach and help in finding potential candidates.
  • The decline in applications won’t last long as individuals are observing the situations cautiously. With the availability of better technology it is now easier for recruitment agencies to reach these candidates. They can communicate any new job update to the candidate and wait for them to contact them.
  • The main problem that recruitment agencies are facing is the lack of a proper system to screen candidates virtually. For this, they can make use of the advanced technology and video conferencing platforms. Agencies can replace in-person interviews with virtual ones. The pandemic has created a virtual revolution and it is not going away anytime soon. Incorporating virtual interviews in the recruiting process will help you find potential candidates for a given post. Apart from this, the agencies should focus on onboarding a new employee effectively in the organization. This will create a lasting impact on the candidate and decide his course in the organization.
  • For an effective recruitment process, agencies can ask for video cover letters from the candidates. They can even come up with several questions and ask the candidate to record himself while answering those questions. This will help the agency to screen candidates for the interview round.
  • Prioritize to incorporate applicant tracking systems and other helpful tools in your recruitment process. These tools help you stay organized all through the recruitment process.
  • The agency should be able to convey the company culture well. This is extremely crucial when the candidate doesn’t get to visit the company in-person. For this, you may shoot a small video or assemble an insightful deck for the candidate to get a better understanding.
  • The recruitment agencies should also focus on their working strategy after the pandemic. The end of the pandemic will see a broad pool of talent, who lost their jobs during the pandemic. There will also be new start-ups coming up with a demand for workforce. The recruitment agencies should be able to reach out actively to all these upcoming demands. Click here to find out more 

Apart from the above-mentioned solutions, recruitment agencies should focus on winning clients who will trust them completely to fill their vacancies. Agencies should take their time in identifying the capabilities of the candidate to assign the best-fit role for him. They should try and win over the potential candidates who are interested in working with them and pursue the opportunity until it succeeds. While managing all these things, you shouldn’t neglect the hiring process for your clients. Stay in touch with them and keep them updated with any new changes.

All these steps ensure a greater long-term success for the agency. Incorporate all above-mentioned solutions to become the best recruitment agency. No companies are the same. They are expected to change even more once the crisis ends. So, recruitment agencies should always look out for demands of the market and offer their services accordingly.

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