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How Technology Has Revolutionized Book Writing

Technology has revolutionized book writing and how we communicate with others. Today, it only takes seconds for you to disseminate information all over the world. Given that the readers have access to the same technology as you, which in most cases they do, you’re successful in your mission to spread your message.

Gone are the times where a writer took notes with a pen and paper. Nowadays, we type our ideas on our laptops, smartphone, tablet, or handheld device. Technology has played a critical role in book writing, editing, and publishing.

You can release digital versions of your book as an eBook or an audiobook over the internet. You can hire talented and experienced writers from across the world to assist you in writing and editing your book. Technology has made writing a book easier. Let’s tell you about some incredible ways technology has drastically transformed book writing.

No Limit to Creativity

As a writer, you seek inspiration and ideas from other sources. Technology makes accessing a wide range of sources possible. You can read books and articles from other renowned authors not to copy or plagiarize but get inspired.

You have an entire virtual library of material, consisting of books, movies, and documentaries that you can read and watch for ideas. You can gather information from these sources on a word processor and then organize them to convey your thoughts.

We’re just getting started on the number of resources available to you over the internet.

If you want to develop a well-researched piece of writing, the internet is your most valuable source. You can find pools of information such as scientific researchers, surveys and statistics, videos, interviews, blogs and articles, and so much more.

Even this blog post can serve as either your inspiration or guide. You can even reach out to people who may be able to provide you with some valuable insight on the topic you’re interested in writing about. Regardless of your chosen genre, it’ll still involve research, as you still want to provide readers with authenticity and something plausible.

For instance, you’re writing a fantasy book, and the main character is French and lives in France. Your character will still portray mannerisms that are true for the French. You’ll research about the country, so you can describe a few places.

You’ll look up its culture, language, and food to ensure it conveys to your readers that the main character is French and lives in France. If the book’s plot takes place in a certain era, you’ll research about that era. You won’t have a microwave in an era where people used to heat food on fire still, right? Thanks to technology, the world is at your feet.

Proofreading and Editing Made Easy

In the past, a book writer had to write on paper and then use a typewriter to prepare the book for printing and distribution. Modern writers have it easy. We have software, apps, and programs to check our grammar. Classic writers had to go through the painstaking process of reading each paragraph more than once to identify and correct grammar and punctuation mistakes.

No grammar checkers meant they had to memorize every language rule by heart. Although it’s good to know your grammar, technology has made things a lot simpler. It has allowed us to write freely, spot the mistakes we’re making, correct them as we write.

However, you can’t be completely reliant on grammar checkers.

Grammar checkers can’t check for the coherence of thoughts and ideas. Although they highlight awkward sounding sentences, they don’t check for the flow of thoughts and ideas. You’ll still need to read your work to identify and correct sentence structure and mistakes related to the coherence and flow of thoughts and ideas.

Even then, you need to be grateful for technology, as you’re still saving a lot of time because it’s correcting your basic mistakes. You can even customize it to identify certain aspects of your writing, such as passive sentences or informal language. Moreover, you’ll find programs such as Grammarly that provide you with more proofreading and editing options.

Complete Books in a Short Duration

Unless you have writer’s block, you can complete the book in a few months or a year instead of several years. The length of time it takes you to write a book also depends on your chosen subject.

Even then, it’ll take you less time than it would take a writer living in a world without technology. You can type at a much quicker speed using your desktop computer or laptop than you would if you were using a pen and paper or a typewriter.

Technology has allowed writers to write books quickly. You can churn out volume after volume each year. You can release a book every year. If you told that to a writer from decades ago, they wouldn’t believe you.

Another benefit you get by writing and publishing fast is the reach you get with technology.

You can make your book available on a wide range of platforms such as Amazon and other third-party websites. You can promote your book through various social media platforms and advertising and marketing platforms to increase its global reach.

You can generate a buzz about your book before its release. Not only is technology making book writing fast, but it’s also making it accessible to people all over the world. Technology allows you to venture into new and untapped markets. If you have written a self-help eBook, for instance, people across the globe can benefit from it, and technology makes sure they do it by putting it in front of their eyes.

If you want to write a book but are going through a severe writer’s block, we have a solution for that as well, and we’ll discuss it next.

Allows Access to Experienced Freelance Ghostwriters

This is your answer to writer’s block. For instance, if you aren’t a writer but want to promote your brand and its products and services through blog posts, articles, eBooks, or newsletters, you can do so by hiring the services of a freelance ghostwriter.

Before technology made it possible to produce various pieces of writing to promote one’s business, we had flyers, brochures, and word of mouth. Although those are still vital, if you want wide exposure from several people, you need technology.

Since not everyone is a writer or has time to write, you can ask a writer in another location to write a book, blog post, article, eBook, and more. Hiring another person for book writing is not expensive, and you’ll get your book completed fast, as that’s their primary job. In short, technology has also made it easier for non-writers to write, edit, and publish a book.

Several book writing services are available just for this purpose.

You can find multiple websites that offer book writing services to individuals and businesses from all over the globe. You can provide them with a topic or ideas and let them write a book. They can produce books at a much faster rate. You can even give them more than one book to write, and they can write on any topic.

You can even find a writer with expertise in the type of subject you want to base your book on. They will perform all the research while you focus on other aspects of your brand. If it wasn’t for technology, you may never have been able to write a book due to a lack of time, money, and/or writing skills. Not only is it a time-saver but also affordable.

How Else Technology Changed the World of Writing?

Technology has changed the world of writing in several different ways. Apart from the reasons we already stated, technology made it easier for writers to translate their books into several different languages. If you want to reach a wider audience living in various parts of the world that don’t speak English, you can use software to translate it.

You no longer have to learn another language to do so like writers once did. You can give your book to a translator that provides translating services. Two negative changes technology has brought with it is that poor writing and handwriting skills.

With most people getting a phone at a young age and using text messaging and other forms of quick messaging services available online, it has affected their writing skills. Writing short-form messages has led to most students having poor writing skills.

Moreover, schools require students to have a laptop, which has resulted in poor handwriting. For older writers, writing on a word processor has its own challenges. Even with its drawbacks, technology has its unique advantages.

With technology continuing to evolve, modern writers will continue to benefit from it. Both professional and non-writers can use technology for book writing. The internet is full of information, and with this blog post, we’re just adding to it. We hope you found it useful and gained a comprehensive understanding of the diverse use of technology for book writing.

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