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How The Recruiting And Hiring Process Changed Due To Covid -19

Covid has changed the way the whole world operates. It has created a paradigm shift. Almost every industry is operating online leaving no exception to the recruitment process. The recruitment industry is flowing with these new changes in the market.

With lockdowns and social restrictions everywhere, many companies have stopped hiring or switched to virtual platforms to hire employees. They are finding new ways to hire new recruits. Companies are forced to implement changes that would have taken months if not for the pandemic. Let us explore the challenges and changes in recruiting and hiring processes due to covid.

Recruitment Challenges

No one has ever thought that the whole world would go into a series of lockdowns. So, the preparedness for this kind of situation is zero. Here are some of the challenges faced by companies in the recruitment process.

More firing than hiring

In already pressing times, with businesses affected badly, many companies have switched to firing their employees instead of hiring new ones. The travel and tourism, management, entertainment, hotels and restaurants, event planning, etc. are the worst hit industries. Many of these industries are letting their employees go as they don’t need them anymore. The pandemic has triggered unprecedented furloughs and layoffs even in the top companies.

High Requirement Volume

While travel and tourism, management, hotels and restaurants, event planning industries are the worst hit due to the pandemic, there are several industries that are booming in this crisis like grocery stores, online delivery, online tutoring etc. These industries have seen an unprecedented demand for staff. Extensive hiring can be seen in these industries. To tackle this issue, many industries are going here for best manpower services.

Decline in applicants

Due to the prevailing uncertainty, many individuals are hesitant to make significant changes in their lives. Some don’t want to risk their life for the job, while others lack facilities to work from home. With this, difficult and important positions at companies seem impossible to be filled.

Recruitment Process

Most of the companies prefer in-person interviews during the recruitment process. The preference to in-person interview process eliminated the need for digitization of the process. Now, with the pandemic, industries are forced to adapt to remote work environments. This made the digitized recruiting software process mandatory. Companies should now replace their in-person interviews with online ones. They should also learn to work effectively on onboarding their new employees. Most companies are looking to hire top manpower agency to go about this process easily.

Prioritizing Long-term Success

It is highly impossible to remain focused during a time of health crisis. But, it is important that your employees remain productive for your business to be successful. So, companies should focus on maintaining a positive relationship with the candidates during the recruitment process. This will create a good impression on the candidates and will motivate them to work hard for the company.

Changes in Recruitment Process

As mentioned earlier, there are several industries like grocery stores, online shopping platforms and IT industry that are seeing rapid growth despite the pandemic. Traditionally, companies recruit new employees when an existing employee leaves the company or when there is a demand created due to growth in the business. The booming industries are hiring new recruits to suffice the demand that has been created due to their sudden growth. Companies can’t recruit their employees the same way they did earlier. So, let us take a look at the changes in the recruitment process.

Changes in hiring needs

With restrictions on social activities and lockdowns, work from home and social distancing came into effect. The pandemic created a virtual revolution. Companies started embracing technology to work remotely. Video conferencing became a permanent solution to do business. Recruiters, clients and candidates are no longer restricted by physical distance, when it comes to hiring.

Virtual hiring

Virtual hiring is the new norm. Companies now are left with only a virtual option to recruit their employees. To maintain the productivity in business, recruiters and clients are using remote technologies like video call/ conferencing to hire potential candidates. Along with virtual hiring, virtual onboarding has also become the new norm. For this, many companies have come up with innovative ideas to hire new recruits.

Rise in Video Cover Letter

Video cover letters are the new trend. With no scope for in-person interviews, video cover letters are a great way for candidates to show their calibre to the recruiter. It becomes easier for the recruiter to pick a potential candidate through these videos. It adds personal touch to the otherwise impersonal experience for both the candidate and the company. As there is a lot of competition, candidates generally apply for jobs without reading the job specifications. Reading all job specifications might also be time consuming for them. With everyone owning a smartphone these days, it is very easy to record and send one’s video. Companies can even make use of some job platforms to know more about a candidate’s profile.

Virtual Interview

For the companies to ensure that they are hiring the best candidates, they can hold virtual interviews. Virtual Interviews act as a screening process to select the potential candidate for the post. For this, companies can make use of the current technology and come up with a pre- interview round. The company will basically give a list of several questions to the candidate and allow them to record themselves while answering them. With this, the company can further narrow down their options for the virtual interview.

Talent bank

The temporary shutdown of businesses, made some companies come up with a talent bank. Talent bank is simply harnessing your own internal pool of talent out of existing employees and making it available to other employees in your organization who are in need of staff for either long term or short term assignments. You can offer some internal perks for your employees to do this job. You may also include local job seekers in your talent group. Talent bank helps companies to place the right person in the right job when it comes along. This also saves both time and money for the companies. Instead of wasting their time and resources on finding a potential candidate, companies can now directly discuss the role with their employees and form their own pool of talent.


With remote working solutions, all one needs is a laptop with proper internet connection. Distance doesn’t matter as employees needn’t be in the same room to do their job. This gave an opportunity for companies to pool global talent for their organization. Outsourcing has become common. This will save the company’s money along with providing them with a more diverse and talented workforce. Companies can now hire candidates from locations where they can get cheap labour and get their work done.

As we progress in 2021, recruitment is more than just an interview. Technology has made the recruitment industry adapt and improve to the new normal created by pandemic. With many overwhelming changes to make, many companies are going here for best manpower services. Companies always have an option to hire top manpower agency to make potential recruits.

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