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How to Access Blocked Sites with VPN or Proxy Options?

Getting access to some sites site is challenging. Many countries including the UK and several ISPs have blocked sites because of court orders. Fans using computers can access some of these sites through VPN or Proxy options.

Difference between VPN and Proxy

There is a major difference between how the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Proxy options work. Users of VPN get new IP addresses every time they surf the internet. On the other-hand, Proxy users browse the internet anonymously. Users should consider the pros and cons of VPN and Proxy options. They should select the most suitable one that would provide them with the best online functions.

How does the VPN Option work?

Virtual Private Network comprises several virtual servers located worldwide where blocked sites are not legally blocked. A VPN user gets an IP address from any of those servers that allow access to blocked sites. Since the browser’s regular IP address remains hidden and encrypted online, they avoid blockage of the site.

For using the VPN option, users are required to register or sign up with proper VPN providers. The best providers offer several online VPN server options that allow members rapid connections. Visitors trying to access blocked sites are aware that the location of the VPN is critical for getting proper service. Ensure the VPN server is located at a spot that does not legally block the site. VPN users can enjoy easy-to-use and quick online connections even to blocked or forbidden  site. For this, VPN providers must offer the best-secured connections with the highest possible speeds and encryption standards.

Example of a VPN connection

Visitors trying to access blocked sites need a reliable, fast, secure, encrypted online connection from reputed VPN providers. One such Company is TorGuard (rated 1/50 VPNs) showing actual location. TorGuard’s top security prevents hacking. TorGuard offers a user-friendly interface and does not store any user’s logs. Members enjoy torrenting and connecting with Netflix at high speed. Members can access customer support through live chat.

Top 3 VPN Connections To Visit Blocked Sites

Express VPN

Well, ExpressVPN stands first in the list of best VPN Service vendors when it comes to offering offshore VPN for privacy and unblocking. The biggest plus of using this software is the admirable scope of quality apps, great customer support, and reliable service with plenty of servers. However, it might cost a bit more when compared with other VPN service vendors.


For people who are looking for the safest VPN service to surf the internet, then opting for this NordVPN service would be the apt choice. This VPN service offers services for both desktop and mobile clients. Besides, it supports up to 6 devices with a single license, users can witness strong performance with this VPN service provider.


For those who are looking for lavishing P2P and tormenting connection opting for this IPVanish VPN service would be the best choice. This VPN does not have any Traffic Logs, offers you high download speed, and it is completely adjustable software. However, it lacks in offering a free trial.

How does the Proxy Option work?

The proxy is a separate server hiding browser’s actual IP address and allows anonymous web surfing. The proxy acts as an intermediary between the browser’s computer and other online resources. Thus, a proxy can be used for accessing a blocked site even when that site is legally blocked. Additionally, it ensures that no data is lost from the user’s computer to the outside world.

The proxy server should be handled with care such that it does not expose its origin. Then, there could be legal blockage of sites in certain destinations of the world. The administrators and users of proxy servers should ensure that proxy works in every situation.

Top 4 Proxy Connection To Visit Blocked Sites


Litport offers some of the best proxies for various uses, like price comparison, SEO monitoring, e-commerce, travel aggregation, ad verification, website testing, social networking, and so much more.  They offer multiple carriers in various locations. 55+ millions of unique IPs. Fast 4G/LTE speeds with unlimited bandwidth and IP rotation. Flexible pricing starting from $2.99 per day.

VPNBook Free Web Proxy

It is listed as the best free proxy service provider, which assures you on non-keeping any of the users browsing data at any cost. It offers extremely speedy performance along by blocking adverts and other nuisances on visiting pages.

Hide My Ass

Itis the best free proxy service provider with features of ad-hoc private browsing from three remote locations. Hide My Ass server located in the US, UK, and Netherlands, users can have the option of picking anyone from three locations.


KProxy offers fast and costs free proxy services to the surfs. Also, it offers a portable browser where users can make use of it. The biggest plus is easiness in installing and comes built-in with Firefox portable version.


The above discussion shows how everyone can access blocked sites even when it is locally legally blocked. Fans can choose either a VPN connection or a Proxy server. While selecting the most suitable online connection, they should keep the following in mind. The selected online connection should be easy-to-use, provide high speed or good performance, proper security and protection.

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