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How to Choose the Best Wireless Car Charger for Your Smartphone

We have become inseparable from our phones these days. And that’s because we do almost everything with these devices. From making calls to sending messages and even money. But one challenge is the battery charge keeping up with all of these activities. Luckily, you can use a wireless car charger to have sufficient charge on the go.

Not every time you fully charge your phone in the house. Maybe you’re in a hurry to get to work and you just have a few minutes to prepare. You forgot to plug in your phone overnight. You probably can’t wait for the phone to charge in the morning. Nor can the phone charge fully in those few minutes. But the solution is a wireless car charger.

So, how even do you start picking the right wireless car charger? What criteria will you use to decide which one you’re getting? Here’s a guide to choosing the best wireless car charger for your smartphone:

Usability with Phone Cases

Many people use phone cases these days. They are not only ideal for protecting the phone, but also as a fashion statement. It would be very inconvenient if you had to remove your phone case every time you want to charge the device.

But thanks to the wizardry of technology, you can get a wireless car charger that works even when your phone has a case on. A charger that can work with or without a case on should be your first priority when choosing such a device.

However, the thickness of the case might determine the functionality of the charger. Therefore, it would be wise to check the recommended thickness that works. Some companies will give you guidelines on their wireless car charger, and what may prevent the free flow of power.

All in all, a wireless car charger with this ability saves you from unnecessary distractions when you’re driving. Trying to pull off your case just to charge your phone is risky and could lead to an accident.

Choose the Right Brand for a Wireless Car Charger

Well, not that the brand name is everything to look out for in a wireless car charger. But it’s always safer to purchase an item from a notable brand in the market. You’ll be confident that their products have undergone the test of time and prevailed.

Buying a generic wireless car charger from an unnamed brand can be risky. You don’t have a clue about its quality and durability. Sometimes, it may even break down during the initial stages that you bought it. Also, the warranty for such products is not normally guaranteed.

We’re not telling you to purchase from a specific brand only. In fact, there are tons of genuine brands in the market. All we mean is that you need to buy a wireless car charger from a reputable brand. Check out reviews online from high-authority product reviewers. This will help you identify the right brand to buy from.

Designed Wireless Car Charger

A wireless car charger might have all of the functionalities that you’re looking for in a gadget. But if it doesn’t have an appealing design, you’ll probably have little to nothing to do with it.

Aesthetics are important to many people – though not everyone. How a product looks may determine whether or not a person buys the item. Sometimes it may even lack some of the high-end or sophisticated features. But as long as it blends well with the dash of your car, then it’s good enough.

The design equally has a lot to do with how you use the wireless car charger. For instance, if the charger has wide stretching arms, then you can use it with large devices. On the other hand, if it’s flexible, then you can turn your phone into both portrait and landscape mode. The latter is quite necessary when you’re using navigation apps.

On the other hand, a magnetic design works better than a claw design. You can simply use a magnet to hold your phone firmly to the wireless car charger. It’s even stronger when moving along bumpy routes.

Watts and Power Rating

This determines how fast your wireless car charger will be. The speed at which the wireless car charger you purchase juices up your phone depends on the watts. For a fast charge on Android, you need at least 10 watts. For iPhone users, it’s slightly lower at 7.5 watts. If the power rating is lower than this, then it means that you’ll have to wait a little longer to have your phone get to the full percentage.

As per now, a Qi wireless car charger can transmit up to 15 watts of power when charging. This will ensure that your phone is full in about three hours or so.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are some of the factors you need to have in mind when purchasing a wireless car charger. Make sure that you do your research well when choosing, so that you only take what’s legitimate.


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