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How to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Building up a brand and online business is both exciting and intimidating. It’s great watching your business grow, but learning how to leverage your website into a sales tool is necessary and daunting, especially if you have never done it before and aren’t sure where to start. High volumes of web traffic is a step in the right direction, but it ultimately means nothing if nobody is buying.

Without a website that converts visitors into sales, your business may plateau or even fail, primarily if it relies entirely on online sales. There are a few tricks you can try, but ideally you want your website to be the backbone of your profitable online business, and that requires reliable strategies rather than depending on trends that come and go.

Below are some ways you can use your website to convert visitors into paying customers.

Improve your user experience

It may seem obvious, but it’s certainly worth mentioning. A poorly designed website that is confusing to users won’t convert leads into sales. Your website needs to be cleanly designed with business goals in mind, meaning there needs to be a clear path for your website visitors to take. It should be effortless for them to go from landing on your website to being able to find what they want to buy to making that purchase.

Creating a website yourself can be an enormous task, especially if you don’t have all the necessary design and UX skills. Working with a professional team like Preface Studios can simplify the process and give you a high-quality website while ensuring your website goals will be met.

Conduct a conversion optimization audit on your website to see if your business website holds up or if there are any areas you can improve to maximize your conversion rate.

Optimize your landing page

It’s true that 92% of the first-time visitors to your website won’t convert, but your landing page still is crucial for conversions and bringing visitors back to your page at a later date where they may turn into customers. Your landing page is the first impression visitors will get, so it needs to be well designed and optimized for conversions.

The copy on your landing page needs to be tight while still showcasing the benefit you are offering to your potential customers. For example, if you’re trying to get people to sign up for a mailing list, you could amend the headline from “Join My Mailing List” to “Get FREE Tips.” Any other copy on the page, like bullet points or descriptions, should also be punchy and outline the benefits, rather than being full of fluff just to increase your word count. If people are bored or not getting any insight as to why they should choose your products, they will leave your site.

You should also consider clearly stating the call-to-action directly underneath any important copy so that once your visitor has finished reading why they should spend money with you, the path to purchase is obvious and immediate. Don’t make your visitors work harder than they need to in order to convert – do the heavy lifting for them, and you’ll see an increase in your conversion rate.


Show off social proof

Social proof is critical in the world of online business and e-commerce because customers are wary of scams or skeptical of buying something online without the added confidence from past purchasers. Prominently displaying reviews, testimonials, or case studies will help build trust in your website visitors and encourage them to convert. It can take time to build up a collection of reviews to display, so ensure you’re following up with customers asking for their opinions.

To Conclude

To successfully build an online business and develop a brand which stays in the minds of potential and loyal customers for all the right reasons, your website must convince them to convert. The above ways are tried and tested techniques which will attract and keep visitors on your site for long enough that they want to purchase your product or service. It all starts with the perfect landing page, optimized for success, and also includes social proof and the ideal user experience. For further help on how to create the ideal landing page, the team at Preface Studios have created a how-to guide which outlines the steps you should take. You will find the PDF on their website, available as a free download.

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