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How to Delete Your Personal Information from the Internet

You’ve definitely heard horror stories of what can happen when your personal information gets into the wrong hands: fraudulent credit card charges, or worse – fraudulent bank withdrawals, and even stolen identities.

If you’re concerned about your personal information, you should consider ways to remove personal information from Google search results altogether.

There are many professional services available to help manage your online presence, but there are also several free options you can try to eliminate your online information.

Option 1: Delete Online Accounts

Most websites and apps that we use every day, like Facebook and Instagram, also store a lot of our personal information, including full name, email, date of birth, address, etc.

Deleting the accounts that you don’t use anymore is a great first step toward lowering your online profile. All websites and apps will have different instructions for erasing an account, so unfortunately, this can take time.

Option 2: Delete at the Source

Your personal information is displayed in Google search results if someone searches for you, but Google isn’t the source of this information. If you’ve posted online content on blogs or forums, for example, that original website holds the information.

Unfortunately, your best bet in these situations is to go back to that original site and delete your account or content at the source.

Option 3: Remove yourself from data broker websites

Companies like Spokeo, Whitepages and Intelius are constantly combing the web for your personal information, and aggregating it into personal profiles about you on their websites, all for the public world to see. They basically collect data about everything you do online, package it up, and sell it to anyone who will buy it – at a low cost too.

You could go through each website yourself, but this can be a daunting task because there are countless data broker websites, and new data broker websites are always appearing. Plus, each data broker company has a completely different opt-out process.

Alternatively, you can use DeleteMe. DeleteMe is a hands-free subscription service that removes your personal information from the leading data broker websites online. DeleteMe’s privacy specialists are experts in removal from Whitepages as well as all other major data broker websites.

About DeleteMe

DeleteMe empowers individuals to regain control of their personal information, and how it is accessed, shared and sold online. The subscription service removes details like names, addresses, and phone numbers from websites such as Whitepages, Spokeo, and Intelius in order to help clients remove personal information from Google.

For more information, visit joindeleteme.com

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  1. Excellent article, but as a computer technician I can tell you that you can not delete information from the Internet

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