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How to Determine WordPress Theme

You’ve decided that it’s time to make a professional website for your business or that you want to start your new and fresh blog. Every day you visit lots of web pages that you admire and the fact that you can write your own story online is very important and serious but very entrancing and exciting at the same time.

Free and Priceless

With WordPress, you can do whatever you want with your website. This free platform gives you the freedom to personalize your website and do things for your business page that will represent you and your team. Also, if you want to start a blog, this free online open-source platform gives you all the reasons to do it. Tell the people what you offer or tell them your stories in a nice and organized website.

Astonish with your imagination

Now that you’ve made this decision, what’s next? I’m sure that you have a website or more that you love and a design that has stolen your heart. The colors, the loading time, the buttons, the messages and the way that they are displayed, all of this are just charming! You are curious to find out what WordPress theme that website is using.

We are here to help you find out how you can quickly check what theme a WordPress website is using. With these 5 simple steps you can save time and quickly learn how to be efficient.

First step – Simple and Easy

We want to know what WordPress theme the website of interest is using, so the first step is easy! In your browser, open the website that you like the most. A piece of cake, right? Let’s see what we have to do next.

Copy the URL

From the address bar that is usually above the page, you will copy the URL of the website.

Down below we can show you how to do that:

  • You can right-click on it and select Copy or
  • You can use the Ctrl + C command from the keyboard
  • Let’s analyze!

Now you have the URL that you need and want to analyze! Let’s access WhoIsWP.com and move to the next step.

Paste and GO!

Once you opened the website, you will notice a big Search field. In that field, you will have to paste the URL. Let’s see what the options to that are:

–    Right click on the search field and select Paste or

–    Use the Ctrl + V command from the keyboard

Press the Search button

Voilá! You will now see all the information you need: the theme’s author, the version of the theme and where to get it from.

Pretty simple, right? If the website you chose is not using the WordPress platform, a message will appear and you will know that for sure.

Armed and ready

Now that you’ve reached all the simple steps that are necessary for quickly check what WordPress theme is a website using, you can use this information for your own page. The future website that you will make has to be awesome!

Go ahead and personalize, customize and give life to the website you want to create. Let it be fun, user-friendly and easy to access. Say what you want to the people and have the freedom to do it in your own way! Now it’s simple to express yourself and to make the good of what you have.

Have fun!

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