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Tuesday , 28 July 2015
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How to disappear online

Social media has made everyone’s life an open book (one that’s open a bit too far in some cases). As more and more companies and individuals come to rely on the Internet as a primary source of information about others, so too does the possibility of compromising info reaching the wrong person grow.

For folks concerned about their personal information potentially costing them jobs and relationships, or for those dealing with the harsh realities of social media fallout, the decision to “pull the plug” is an increasingly attractive one. And while it might seem impossible to keep your private life private and your Internet presence to a minimum in a 24/7 connected world, the truth is youcandisappear online with a little effort and dedication.

Below is an infographic by Who Is Hosting This.com.  For a more detailed list and instruction on how to disappear online, see galido.net’s

How exposed is your private information on the Internet?

How to Disappear Online by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

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