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How to Ensure That Your WordPress Website is Prepared to Face the Future

Website design and development is a fiercely competitive business and developers need to be continually thinking about how to keep their noses ahead of the competition by being able to make sites that can take on any challenge that the future may hold.

Without a doubt, WordPress is a standout amongst the most amazing content management systems. Nothing can have its spot. It has additionally advanced into one of the broadly utilized CMSs everywhere throughout the world. Starting at 2014, in excess of 74.6 million locales were relying upon WordPress. Be that as it may, it isn’t the main purpose for the prominence of WordPress.

WordPress is prevalent in view of its ease of use and inconvenience free advancement condition that a PHP designer can without much of a stretch handle.

Some useful tips for WordPress web design developers for staying competitive:

Ensure That the Website Has an Attractive and Stand-Out Design

As online visitors have a very short attention span, you need to ensure that the website looks very appealing and interesting to make them stop in their tracks. The site should be able to make it very clear in the next few seconds what its primary purpose is and entice visitors to navigate to different pages with a really simple and intuitive user interface. Ensuring that the website has looks that will make it stand out from the rest of the competition is relatively easy when you are developing on the WordPress platform as there are a lot of themes that you can choose from and then customize. It is always better to keep the design simple to avoid confusing visitors.

Ensure That the Content Is Relevant, Original, and Engaging

While visitors may be initially attracted to the website due to the design and presentation, it is the content that will keep them coming back. You have to ensure that the content is not only relevant to the need of the users but also lends value to them with better quality, originality, and freshness. Not only do you need the content to be crafted carefully but also presented well as content architecture and layout are critical to winning the attention of visitors, keeping them engaged and leading conversions. A senior Tayloright SEO consultant recommends engaging professional content writers who are well-versed in the domain to ensure superior quality. Ensure that the presentation is crisp and that there are no factual or grammatical errors that will erode your credibility.

Ensure That the Site is optimized for Mobiles

With the volume of searches being fired from mobile devices has already exceeded that of laptops and desktops, you can expect that your WordPress site will be increasingly visited by users using mobile devices like phones and tablets. It is imperative that your website incorporates responsive design principles so that the content is displayed properly on widely varying screen sizes. Pay attention to the placement and size of buttons to facilitate easy navigation and use. Remember unless your website is very easy to load and operate on mobile phones, users are not likely to use it so you will lose out on large numbers of the audience. Not optimizing your website for mobiles and high bounce rates will send out signals to Google that will hurt your SEO and drive it down in the page rankings.


Make full use of the capabilities of WordPress to create a design that users will like and then structure the architecture in such a way that the site is easy to navigate. Use high-quality content to promote site stickiness and funnel sales conversions.

Author Bio: Maria Jones is the chief digital marketing manager of a leading brand of leisurewear. She has co-authored a case study on SEO implementation in the apparel industry with a Tayloright consultant.

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