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How to Find a CTO for a Technology Startup

Going for a startup is not easy. If anyone wants to do it they have to do a lot of things. Teaming up with the best team of developers, outsource to an agency or a CTO. It is important to go for many software developments.

Who is a CTO?

A CTO means a chief technical officer. They are also known as a chief technology officer or chief technologist. CTO is someone who has an executive-level position in a company or other entity. They always focused on the scientific and technological issues within an organization. Hiring a CTO is very much crucial for a startup. When you hire them they can assist you to make decisions for the overarching technology infrastructure. Those decisions are mostly aligned with the organization’s goals. They work from the side of an organization’s information technology or IT staff members. They perform every day for operations. A CTO is always aware of new and existing technologies. They help you to guide your company’s future endeavors. They can help a company to get a new structure. So why don’t you go here for the best CTO for hire?

But hiring a perfect CTO is not easy. Do you know why!

Joining a startup is not easy, it is quite risky. And while choosing a CTO you have to take a lot of risks. Sometimes great CTO talent is scarce but for your startup it is impossible. It is important for a Potential CTO to want to take some risks. But you have to show them some potential rewards for their work. Then it becomes a great compensation package or the impact of your startup.

On the other hand, it is important to make the CTO feel that they are important for a business and give them a place of decision-maker and stakeholder. It is very much crucial. When you do a generous AESOP’s share it may help you in hiring and retaining the right talent. So we suggest you go here for the best CTO for hire.

How can you hire?

So you can know how important it is to hire a perfect CTO. So here we are discussing the tips that you should follow during the hiring process.

Be clear about your requirements

When you want to hire someone it is important to know what you are hiring. So before everything, knowing your requirements is very crucial. You can list the technologies that are a must-have for your project. It can help you as a filter to select the most appropriate candidates. When you do it you can easily filter and get those candidates who are technically able to do your job. Just remember to always try to hire a candidate who will consider this to be a bar up on the stepping stool in their profession.

Craft your job description

When you set your requirements then it’s time to set your job description. The job description is very important for a company. It can help you to hire perfect candidates and your brand’s awareness will also increase. So always be careful about it. You have to mention all your requirements and be sure that you have mentioned what your candidates can get from your company.

Search for a perfect place

For getting a qualified CTO you have to go to places where you are likely to find good technical talent. For this process, you have to go through Hackathons, conferences, meetups, summits. It can help you.

Utilize the power of the Internet

For finding a CTO you can take help from the internet. You can find here a huge list of platforms that are СoFoundersLab, Founders, Nation, Angel.co, subreddit on Reddit.com, Co-founding threads on Discord and Slack channels, Indie Hackers, Co-founder’s, etc. These can help you to find dedicated technical professionals such as a CTO.

Technical advisor before you hire a CTO

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to hire a technical adviser before a CTO. Then they can guide you to get a perfect CTO.


When you set all these processes then it’s time to take an effective interview. So during the interview, you have to keep a lot of things in your mind then you can get a perfect person as a CTO. You can hire an In-house employee/co-founder or a Remote contractor or a Software development agency. So you can follow these steps:

Start with a code test

When you are going to start the interview you can give the candidates a test task with a complicated problem. Make your problems can be solved with several approaches and technologies. While the interview process is going on, ask them to explain their answer. Why have they chosen the way to solve the problem? It can help you to measure their skill.

Apply a whiteboard test

A whiteboard test can help you. During the interview, you should tell your candidates to solve a simple coding task on a sheet of paper or aboard. So by this process, you can notice if they can work independently or not (without any external help and searching on the internet).

Ask technical questions

Just remember you don’t need an average CTO but you need a perfect one. So be prepared for this. So ask them questions that evaluate a person’s expertise in a chosen technology. You should ask them open-ended questions. It can help you to know their qualifications.

Try pair programming

Technical skill is very important for your company. So for checking this you can have pairing sessions. Then you can know if they have skills in JavaScript, infrastructure design and architecture, Ruby on Rails, etc or not.

Skills that required for a CTO

  • Communication Skills – Tech and Non-Tech
  • Experience
  • Great Network
  • Technical Expertise
  • Deadline Management
  • Team Management

Wrapping up

A CTO can help your company to grow. So don’t take this process easily. Be sure you are following all the tips.

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