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How To Find The Right Hosting Solution For Your Website Needs

If you’re planning on running a website, chances are you’ve likely stumbled upon a problem a lot of website owners have experienced – just what hosting solution should you get?

This is an important decision, given how to find the right hosting solution for your website needs can spell the difference between success in your website and increasing the chances of failing in your endeavors entirely.

Perhaps one can best understand the importance of getting the right host for your website given how the internet’s continued expansion can have great impact to how the digital landscape adjusts to various companies and brands trying to penetrate the online experience.

In fact, more than a billion websites are now officially registered in 2017. However, with the growth of website numbers in the internet also came the decrease of attention span of digital viewers.

In fact, it’s likely viewers will abandon your site if it takes more than three (3) seconds to load, and even just a second of delay can reduce conversion rates by as much as 7-percent. This inconvenience also costs money, and the United States alone loses half a billion every year because of these delays.

If you’re convinced you want to find a host for your site, then here’s how to find the right hosting solution for your website needs:

Identify your needs and things to implement

Perhaps one of the most important things to decide when choosing the hosting solution is to choose one that can accommodate the needs of your website and the things it can implement.

  • Identify your hosting needs. What kind of website are you building? Are you using something common, like a WordPress blog?
  • Identify whether or not you need support for particular scripts or Windows applications and other special software. You need to clarify with your prospective provider if they can actually provide service for the applications you want to implement.
  • What other add ons do you need? Important considerations are one-click installers, SFTP/FTP access for file transfers, .htaccess file access, data transfer capacity and disk space ignore options, or even eCommerce features for specific sites.

Assess your options when unforeseeable circumstances happen

You need to be able to clarify with your service provider just what other services it can provide you when it comes to unforeseeable situations such as slowdown and malicious attempts to access your account.

  • Identify how small or large your web traffic volume can go. Sometimes, costs and features vary depending on the bulk of traffic you want your website to be able to support.
  • How stable is the service? Nothing is more important than having a web host that operates 24/7, as after all visitors can come from anywhere in the world.

See options for your account management

Another important aspect of a website hosting solution you should look for is its ability to provide various methods of account management for you and your account. Just what are your options when it comes to expansion and payment? This is essential in order for you to prepare for future activities in your site. If you’re considering services such as PhoenixNAP Hosting, you should ask:

  • Identify signup and renewal price, as sometimes renewing costs are much higher than signup costs. Be careful when you click on plans that offer prices for signup at a discount, as sometimes renewal prices skyrocket. Unless you’re ready to hop between providers every two years or so, try to clarify these with the providers immediately.
  • What’s their refund policy and free trial policy? Are there are any extra fees for cancellation? What’s their refund policy, if any, when the trial period has ended?
  • What about expansion? Shared web hosts are pretty powerful nowadays, which make them good options for your first servers. If you feel confident enough to move to a dedicated server, ask your service provider if such an option is available.

The Bottomline: Getting The Right Hosting

If you have a website you want to be up and running – especially if it’s for a brand or a company – it’s important you find the right hosting solution for your website needs. With the above information, you can at least make sure the kind of support you’ll be getting for your hosting will be the kind that can sustain your website’s needs in order to stay in the internet for an extremely long time. The kind of hosting solution you should get should be a provider that understands how volatile the internet can be and how various adjustments have to be made to websites on the fly in order to sustain itself in a continuously-improving digital market.

Noelle Spencer

Noelle Spencer is a certified tech geek, and she loves writing about all things technology-related. Be it digital marketing, the latest gadgets, the latest apps, Noelle is your gal. Contributing for sites such as PhoenixNAP has allowed her to utilize her writing skills to express her love for the craft.

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