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How To Get More Leads For Your Business – Beginner Guide

Are you struggling to generate more leads for your business? In that case, this article has an easy guideline to help you generate more leads for your business.


Businesses cannot grow without lead generation. Many companies have failed due to inefficient lead generation. Generating a lead pushes your business towards the direction of gaining a new customer. That is why lead generation is significant.

You need to know different ways to generate a lead. But first, you must know about the fundamentals of leads-generated marketing. In this article, We have discussed various ways to generate leads for a business.

 What is A Lead?

A lead is an individual who shows interest in your business product or service. Their interest may come in different ways and from. When you generate a lead, the process initiates with the customer showing interest first. For example-

  • Submission of a form by an individual asking about your business.
  • Potential clients may call you for information.
  • Leads may make inquiries on social media.
  • You may receive an email.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation in a business goes through attracting new leads and making them engage with your business for potential conversion into a customer.

Different Types of Leads

A business cannot possibly contact every single lead. That is why most companies divide their leads into two subcategories; marketing qualified leads and sales-qualified leads.

Marketing Qualified Leads

The marketing qualified leads are the ones which may interact with your business, but they may not yet be ready to buy anything from you. For example, they may attend the webinar of your courses and get the free ebook, but they will not make any purchase.

Sales-qualified Leads

Sales-qualified leads are leads who show intention to buy the products or services that your business is offering to them. They may show signs of interest by signing up for a pre-booking or show intention via social media interaction with your business page.

The Process of Lead Generation

Here is a simple process of generating the leads-

  • Potential customers get attracted to your business website.
  • Now you need to engage them to share their contact details with you for further business discussion.
  • For the third and the final step, the lead-generating business captures the contact information of the lead.

Different Ways to Generate Leads

There are several ways of generating a lead in a business. We have listed some of the processes in this article.

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Direct Engagement

If you have a business that sells its high-value product billed in a monthly retainer, then a direct engagement might be the right business model to follow.

This way of generating new leads is pretty simple. First, you directly reach out to your prospects via phone, email, or social media. Sometimes you may even meet them in person if they are a good target for your business.


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for generating business leads. The LinkedIn audience has twice the buying power than the web audience of a specific business.

LinkedIn is great for generating B2B leads. It allows you to make connections with the most prominent industry leaders. You can get many potential connections that may turn into a business relationship on LinkedIn.



Based on inbound marketing, many companies use blogging as a lead generation tactic. Guest blogging is a great way to generate a business lead; it helps to improve your SEO concurrently.

Here are a few advantages that you have in lead generation via guest blogging-

  • You make new industry connections.
  • Your SEO becomes improved, and you get backlinks from relevant websites.
  • Blogging generates referral traffic from valuable audiences.

Ads & Retargeting

Running ads is an effective way to market. A good ad will always make the audience take action. If you want the leads to convert into customers, you need to ensure that landing pages and your offers match the way you mentioned in the ads. Your desirable action should be clear to the audience.

Social Media

Social media is a great place for generating leads. It is the most comfortable platform to guide the audience towards taking action. For example, Facebook and Instagram stories have swipe-up features to refer your customers to your page.

You can also promote your products and services on the page and use a call-to-action option to make the leads engage.

Email Offers

You don’t have to generate new leads from a new audience all the time. Instead, you can tap into the business potential hidden in your email list. You can put together a special offer for your email subscribers. A special discount or a limited period offer may help you convert a lead into a paying customer.


We recommend you utilize these tips for generating a business lead. This beginner guide has all the primary elements that you need to learn in terms of generating leads. The best way to know whether these tactics work or not is to try using them.

Blogging, ads and retargeting, emailing are some of the most effective ways to generate more leads for your business.

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