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How to Get Valuable External Content Sources

As a marketer or blogger, one of the most effective ways to reach out to and pass information to your online audience is by content marketing. If you are able to consistently provide good content marketing online, you can be sure that your online audience will increase rapidly.

Reaching out to your online audience with great content can come in the form of humor, comedy or entertainment, or something that they related with generally. You could also pass information across by answering common questions and establishing authority about certain topics in your field. You can also market a brand, product or service with any of these means.

However, what is more important is for your audience to not view you as a model that pushes services or hawks products. You have to ensure that they see you as an influence and a useful resource because of the quality and type of content that you put out to them regularly. As a matter of fact, in order to gain the loyalty of your online followers and retain their followership, you must share value-added content regularly. Your content should seek to educate, entertain or inform them. This is a sure way to gain the loyalty of your followers and also gain new followers rapidly.

Now, you might not have the resources and time to always create these types of content for your online audience. However, it is possible to share other people’s content that is valuable on your platform. The next question on your mind is pretty obvious, “how do I get valuable external content sources?” The good news is, there are quite a number of ways to do this.

Check other organizations and associations

Irrespective of the country you are in, there are always going to be hundreds and thousands of professional organizations and trade organizations. The US alone has these sorts of organizations in their tens of thousands. With this large number, it would be impossible for you to not get one or two or more of them that have some connection to your industry or the type of content that you are producing.

In order to get knowledgeable and reliable sources from these organizations, you might have to go through their websites. From the website, you will be able to:

  • Identify the area of specialization of some of their senior members and find the ones that are relevant to the content you want to publish. From here, you can call or email them and get on from there.
  • Review the members of the board and the companies that they work at. You can then contact the one(s) that represent brands that are easy for your audience to recognize and respond to.

It would also be helpful to you if you can attend some of the events organized by these organizations in person. This will allows you to meet and connect with people that are potential content sources for you. What you need to do is connect and have conversations with some of the attendees. This will give you an idea of who they are and their area of expertise. If they fit into what you can term ‘potential sources’, ask for their permission to reach out to them whenever you need their input for the content you are creating. They will be more than willing to oblige you, believe me.

Look around for publications that are popular with social media users

To continue providing your followers with valuable content, you might need to share other publications that are well-shared among social media users but are also relevant to your industry or your content topic. This is bound to be a hit among your followers and will help you retain the loyalty of the old followers and also help you gain new followers.

Finding popular content relating to your industry might appear like a difficult task. But there are a number of platforms where you can search for popular topics and an example of such is BuzzSumo. Once you enter a keyword in these platforms they search and show you the most popular contents that have had the most social media impact and are related to your search word.

Connect with people on other interactive platforms

While you are looking to give out valuable content to your audience, you can also try to get inputs or ideas from your online followers. You can do this with all your social media platforms or you could use the social media platform of your brand. This will be more successful with content that is crowdsourced or focused on reactions. This is because it gives you different ideas from different people and you’re able to put different voices and different ideas in the eventual content that you create.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to social media platforms alone. You can post this to Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups that are related to the topic which you can get input from. But much more, other crowdsourcing platforms such as Reddit and Quora can help you with contributions and contributors that are relevant to your industry, topic, or content. If you can, you should reach out to all of them one after the other.

Your social post, however, should state it clearly that their responses and contributions may be used in your content.

Subscribe to some of your industry’s top blogs and review news frequently

Subscribing to the top blogs in your industry is one of the most effective ways to get valuable external content. This will ensure that you get a newsletter from these blogs in your mail every time there’s a new post and you can easily share the post to your audience as well. This approach saves you the time of searching and browsing for relevant content, as the content comes directly to you. Finding the top blogs in your industry is also very simple and stress-free. You can use search engines such as Google.

What you have to do is to input a keyword related to your industry or just type your industry and afterward include ‘blog’ to it. For example, if you are looking for the top blogs for assignment writers, you can type in the phrase ‘assignment writing blog’ in your google search box and if you’re into the sports industry, you can type ‘sports blog’. The search result will be a number of blogs related to your industry. You can go through the blog and the date they last posted to determine the consistency of their posts before subscribing to their newsletter.

Currently reading up on news related to your industry will also help you with content to share with your audience on social media. What your social media audience wants is a mix of relevance, legitimacy, and novelty and you can easily get all of these from constantly keeping in touch with information and news about your industry. Getting the latest industry news is also very simple and you can also do this through your google search engine. Like when you are searching for blogs related to your industry, input the relevant keyword, the result will have a tab with the news. Click on it and you can easily get the latest relevant news which you can share with your audience.

While you are sharing content from other blogs and organizations, it is extremely important that you do not forget to cite the original source of the content that you’re posting.


For someone with a reputation of producing valuable content that educates and informs your audience, sourcing content is something that you might have to do out of necessity. Sometimes, you just need people’s contributions and insight about your industry or the content topic to help you produce valuable content and some other times, you might just not have the time and resources to produce the valuable content you are known for. These are times when non-human sources such as blogs, publications, and industry news can be useful. They help you ensure that you maintain your relevance on social media and retain the loyalty of your followers while you work on developing new content for your audience.

Author’s bio: Liam Catalan has been working as a self-employed copywriter for 5 years. Also, he was an editor and one of the essay writers at the University of Melbourne newspaper. He is an expert in topics such as traveling, writing, and gaming.

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