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How To Hide My IP Address Using A VPN

In today’s connected world, security is a major concern. As soon as you connect to the Internet using your smartphone or PC, you become a target for hackers, viruses, malicious programs and different new threats that are seemingly appearing with every passing day. At the same time, the information you receive and send might get intercepted, read, and altered.

Standard security solutions like firewalls and antiviruses aren’t sufficient enough to protect you. That’s why it is becoming increasingly important to have separate external solutions to protect your information as you communicate with the outside world.

What is a VPN?

Before moving on, let’s back up a bit and briefly discuss what a VPN is. A VPN is a connection to the internet, the most private of internet connections. The acronym VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPNs allow an individual to secure any connection to keep all of their information private. A VPN even goes so far as to mask your location.

For example, if you are currently located in Boston, you can use a VPN and make it appear to potential hacks like you are in San Diego. This is an important safety measure and one of the best aspects of using a VPN connection.  You can use a VPN on any open or public network. When you use a VPN you can send and receive any information without the worry of common hackers being able to access this information. Some hackers haunt public networks in hopes of finding bank or credit card information or any other private information.

Hiding Your IP Address – Privacy Protection

VPNs encrypt your web traffic, making it invisible to anyone besides you and your VPN provider. This keeps your searches private and prevents websites from collecting your location or data. It also allows you to access content from anywhere in the world.

Every time you are connected to the internet using your mobile phone or even PC, you leave information traces that can be used to identify your internet service provider and even your IP address.   These clues reveal essential and personal information about who you are and where you are located.

If you really want to protect yourself, consider using a VPN. Why? When you use a VPN to listen to online radio or to visit different websites, you’ll be identified with your VPN provider; that is, the VPN’slocation, IP address, and so forth.  Your personal details and IP address will remain hidden.

Using a VPN connection as a privacy protection measure is recommended considering that it makes it harder for your personal information to get into the wrong hands. If you are a political activist or a person who doesn’t want your identity to be disclosed, a VPN is a must.

While there are plenty of other options like web proxies to protect against identity information theft, they aren’t as efficient as a VPN. For instance, proxies normally send data about the original client’s IP, making them useless when it comes to privacy protection.

Access to Limited Resources

Sometimes, service providers restrict their content to clients within specific geographical areas or who are subscribed to specific ISPs. In some cases, company policies will prevent employees from connecting to resources or sites like Facebook and Twitter. In such instances when you see no reason why there should be restrictions, you can use a VPN to bypass these restrictions.

VPNs can be available in different geographical regions.  VPNs are particularly popular in countries like China where access to resources/sites is heavily restricted.

VPNs can also be used to create access restrictions.  If you run an organization and want to limit access to certain resources like private files or a certain segment of your network, a VPN can work to accomplish this.  VPNs enable specific members within the VPN’s network to access resources that are sensitive and private.

Illegal downloading is not encouraged, but people who do it like to use VPNs to remain anonymous and avoid any legal repercussions. P2P or peer to peer file sharing is one way for people to get access to the books, films, and games they’re looking for without going to the main vendors and buying them directly. Using torrents to download content can result in fines and it is strictly prohibited in many countries. VPNs are a good tool to use to prevent detection and penalties.

Choosing a VPN

Do your research when choosing a good VPN.  You might check reviews and compatibility with your country.  FastestVPNGuide.com offers some good information for setup and research.  Not only does it provide detailed descriptions of what a VPN is, but it also has a wonderful list of VPNs that you can use. This list is updated on a regular basis and thus always has the most up to date VPNs and the most accurate information about each VPN listed. There are also wonderful articles chock full of information to aid you with your VPN experience.

For more, you can also check out the video guide below:

A Good VPN That Protects Your Privacy – Surfshark VPN Review

When it comes to selecting the right VPN for your online privacy it is hard to choose the right VPN. We have looked at several VPNs on the market, one that sticks out is Surfshark. According to this review of Surfshark (https://vpnpioneer.com/review/surfshark-vpn-review/) it is a great choice that you should look at. We really like the competitive price that Surfshark has to offer.

Surfshark has more than 500 servers in 50+ countries and comes with very easy to use software. Also, the server speed is unlimited which means Surfshark is not slowing down your internet speed. It is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. In addition, you can install VPN clients for the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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