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How To Hire IT Pros

Information technology plays an integral role in implementing and maintaining the solutions and infrastructure necessary to move a business forward. An IT department’s job is to assist with any computer problems, update software, and fix any network issues.

Generally, a company’s IT department is responsible for executing infrastructure automation, optimizing functionality, and governing the use of operating systems and networks. As IT is crucial in business, you need to hire a capable, experienced, and knowledgeable IT expert. Below are simple tips on how to attract and hire the right IT professionals for your company.

Understand that IT has evolved over the years

In past years, IT wasn’t a crucial part of many departments, and companies didn’t feel the need to allocate a considerable budget for information technology. Most companies had a one-person IT department to ensure that the company’s emails, software, and computers worked properly.

However, IT is today one of the most demanding and complex fields in commerce. Information has become more valuable, with companies of all sizes relying on applications and software for their daily operations. Today, IT professionals have more responsibilities than ever and are needed a lot more for specific tasks, including fixing tech-related problems.

Clearly define what you’re looking for in an IT expert

To attract suitable candidates for an IT position, you need to clearly define your company’s needs in IT today and in the near future. For example, your country might be expanding, and you may need to add a new office location or employ more people.

You may also want to launch a new website, improve IT or launch a mobile version for your company’s site. Each of these business strategies requires IT knowledge. You, therefore, want someone who has the experience and is knowledgeable.

The candidate should be well versed in information security, database management, system administration and understand programming languages. An IT candidate with a complete understanding of XML, Java C++, Unix, and Linux is a massive advantage for your company.

Be Specific

In law, you will find that we have criminal lawyers, employment lawyers, business lawyers and so on. This means you need to be specific when searching for a lawyer depending on the issue at hand. Same applies if you want to hire an IT expert. The IT job description houses a wide variety of jobs with some overlapping each other. When writing a job description or posting an ad, try to be specific so that candidates are fully aware of what you expect from them. You can look for candidates in online employment sites specializing in the IT industry or talk to your peers to give you some professional referrals.

Have an IT expert hire the IT pro

Many companies make the mistake of allowing recruiters who don’t know anything conduct IT interviews. While stakeholder opinions are essential, an interview with the relevant technical expertise goes a long way in ensuring you get the right IT staff.

Most times, recruiters hire candidates based on their IT experience who turn out to be underqualified. This often happens because the recruiter doesn’t know enough about IT to test the applicant’s knowledge of the industry, so anyone who does the simplest task, such as restarting a computer, ends up getting the job. It’s advisable to find an expert to join your hiring process to give you their honest input and evaluation of the candidate.

The Interviews

As the resumes start flowing in, you should pick those candidates that meet your requirements and set their resumes aside. Schedule a one-on-one interview with every one of the selected candidates to assess their personality. Aside from education, experience, and relevant training, the ideal candidate should show enthusiasm and communication skills.

IT specialists work in the office and might sometimes have to interact with you or their colleagues and software vendors. It’s essential that you note those candidates that display some level of approachability, are outgoing, critical thinking, and confident. Additionally, ensure that you’re looking for the right kind of experience.

A candidate may have the best skills on paper but might not know how to apply said skills. An excellent way to test out a candidate’s skills is to ask them to implement security protocols, configure a workstation, or install a router. As an employer, you should not only look at those candidates who can finish the task. Choose the candidate who completes the project and comes back with issues they’ve noted and possible solutions.

Take your Time

Always take your time when hiring IT talent to avoid incurring costs of a bad hire. Take your time to learn more about the candidate, test their IT knowledge further, and identify if they would fit seamlessly into your company. By slowing down, you get a candidate who is enthusiastic about the job, is qualified, and isn’t desperate for a job.


Having a talented and knowledgeable IT professional on your team will help your company minimize the risk of compromising sensitive information, get your systems functioning properly and allow you and your employees to work effectively and efficiently. The ideal IT expert can help elevate your company and enable you to work on new business initiatives.

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