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How to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2023, 2024

Want to improve your website ranking? Here are some effective ways to improve your ranking on Google in 2023, 2024.

If you want people to know that your brand ‘’exists’’, you need to rank higher. It’s as simple as that. About 31.7% CTR of Google comes from the content piece that ranks first on a Google Search. However, 0.78% of the clicks come from the second page.

Considering this, you’d certainly want to know how to get a higher rank on Google. Well, the truth is, the competition is considerably high. In addition to consistency, persistence, and continued efforts, you need to learn several other factors if you want your website to rank higher.

Search Engine Optimization has become critical for thriving businesses, regardless of the industry where they belong. If you want to rank higher, you certainly need to optimize your website according to the SEO techniques without affecting the quality of the content. Your content needs to be relevant, interesting, and highly engaging for the readers.

Here are some effective ways to rank higher in 2023, 2024:

Choose your URL, ONCE!

While the domain age doesn’t matter, changing your URL, on the other hand, can seriously affect your website ranking.

Therefore, we highly recommend you choose a URL and stick with it. If you change your website URL, all the links to your website will be broken. While you can create redirects, it can be a time-consuming process. Since backlinks communicate to Google and your visitors that you’re reliable, don’t change your URL structure if you want to rank up on Google in 2023, 2024.

Only reconfigure the URL where it’s extremely important. For instance, if you’re adding a blog area or want to move a significant portion of your web content. In this case, add redirects as soon as possible.

Another reason why changing the URL isn’t a good idea is that when you change your URL, Google re-indexes and crawls over your website. Because of this, you may lose your existing rank.

Therefore, if your website doesn’t rank higher, changing the URL can give you a fresh start. However, if your website content is performing well, changing the URL can negatively affect your ranking.

How to Choose the Right URL

If you haven’t chosen your URL, then;

  • Make sure that your URL contains your targeted keyword, if possible.
  • Ensure that your URL structure is logical but simple.
  • Use redirects to ensure that the users don’t need to click through several pages to reach their desired results.

Improve User Experience

Google’s ranking algorithm primarily depends on your website viewers’ user experience. Ensure that all the pages on your website load fast and provide a seamless browsing experience to the visitors. If your website visitors get a smooth browsing experience, they’ll be more likely to visit it again, and you’ll be able to retain your customers longer. To check your page load times, you can check out tools like Google PageSpeed Tools, GTmetrix, or Pingdom.

Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are a critical part of ranking higher on Google in 2023, 2024. They’re the essential performance indicators on a website, used by Google to determine the performance of your website.

Core web vitals constitute three important metrics mentioned as follows.

Largest Contentful Paint or LCP

LCP is the measure of the loading performance from the perspective of your website users. It’s best if your website’s LCP is below 2.5 seconds.

First Input Delay or FID

FID indicates the time taken by a web page before the user can interact with it. This typically includes using a menu, filling a form, or merely clicking a link. Ideally, the FID shouldn’t be more than 100 milliseconds.

Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS

Just like the LCP, Cumulative Layout Shift also refers to the loading time of a webpage from a user’s perspective. However, CLS measures how your webpage rearranges during the page loading time. Some elements may take longer than the others to load, right? If this happens, your website may have a higher CLS. Ideally, your CLS shouldn’t be more than 0.1.

You can evaluate your website’s core web vitals using Page Speed Insights, Google’s Search Console tool suite, or Chrome User Experience report.

Create High-Quality Content

Whether you’re writing a blog for your website, creating an infographic, or a blog post, the quality of your content should be compromised. Before you begin creating content, research other write-ups on the same topic available online and then brainstorm to think about different ways you can make your content unique. Your blogs should entail relevant information. If you’re making any claims, ensure they’re backed by proper research. Learn your consumers’ behaviors and preferences with the help of Google Analytics and other important tools to ensure that your content is aligned with your audience’s interests. In addition to this, don’t forget the primary reason you’re writing the content! You want to increase conversions, right? So, you can use your content to create the need for a product you sell, you need to tell the readers how important it is for them to purchase your products, and it’ll benefit them. If you tackle all these important details smartly without losing your grip on the reader from the first word to the last, they’ll be more likely to purchase your offerings.

Google uses an AI-powered algorithm called, RankBrain, to determine the ranking of a webpage. The algorithm analyses the user activity in search results to determine the relevancy of its contents. If someone clicks, you’re your page link and spends a long time on your website that it communicates to Google that your website entails high-quality content.

About The Author Laura is an executive copywriter and SEO specialist at the digital marketing agency Search Berg. The company has a team of highly qualified and veteran digital marketing experts, SEO executives, and content writers on board who regularly contribute to the website and provide premium SEO services to their clients at affordable prices. If you want to hire SEO services or backlink building services, feel free to get in touch with them, They’ll be more than happy to help you rank higher on Google.

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