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How to Improve Your Marketing Management Strategy

Marketing is a very human process that requires an innate understanding of several key humanities subjects, namely psychology and sociology. You then need to take what you know of these human structures and convey the right message at the right time. Even the best-crafted advertisement cannot, however, appeal to everyone. It won’t even appeal to everyone in the niche demographic that you cater to.

Marketing is a trial and error, creativity-first field. You need to make mistakes in order to make ingenious leaps. You need to try and fail to try and succeed. You cannot follow a formula because formulas only work so often and only in so many instances. Creative thought, collaborative brainstorming, and continuously thinking outside of the box is what makes any marketing department great.

You need to encourage so many different processes in order to improve the results of your own marketing team, and a good place to start is with this guide:

Make it More Efficient

Efficiency and creativity don’t seem to go hand-in-hand, but one cannot easily happen without the other in business. Creativity is what helps your team suss out innovative ways to stand out and speak to your customers, but if the process is inefficient, it can frustrate your team and kill good ideas before they have the chance to form.

That’s why the best place to start when it comes to improving your marketing management strategy is with the tools that you use. Online proofing, or review and approval software, is just one example. There are so many benefits of Ziflow and other software like it. It will allow you to comment instantly and markup projects, compare previous versions, integrate your projects into other tools, and secure your work, even remotely.

Start with better tools, then move on to people management.

Improve Collaborative Thinking

Creativity isn’t found in a vacuum. If you want truly wonderful ideas, then you need collaboration, and you need diversity.

Through Diversity

Hiring a diverse team from multiple backgrounds – especially if your brand has a global reach – is one of the best ways to market and market your company well. You want new viewpoints, different cultures, and different backgrounds.

For example, you can get a lot of insight into what you can do with web design when someone with an IT background comes in on a meeting. Bringing people in from different departments, who see a very different part of the business, can bring in new, fresh ideas that marketers and designers simply never thought of before.

With Smarter Meetings

Loud ideas can often overshadow great ideas. You don’t just want your most charismatic team members offering suggestions; you need everyone offering suggestions. You can do this with smarter team meetings, and often times all you need to make your meetings better is to prepare. Create a document before the meeting that outlines what you want to talk about, and allow your team to write notes and suggestions before the meeting. You can even require this. For example, you can request that every member offers three suggestions. It doesn’t have to be a good suggestion, just a suggestion.

Sometimes what you need to come up with a good idea is a bad idea, which means that all suggestions, even if they are silly or out-there, can provide a benefit.

By Inspiring Your Team

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and encouraging your team to go out and get inspired can be a great way to build a healthy, competitive company culture. This can be structured, for example, by having one member of your team a month go through and put together a list of top marketing campaigns, or it can be free-form. For example, you can sponsor an employee to go to a marketing conference or talk with a notable marketer in your field.

Increasing Your Ability to Measure Results

Great ideas can be hard to measure, which is where analytics comes into play. Analytics, of course, has a limit to its reach. It cannot tell you how many people saw your OOH advertisement or how many people talked about your digital ad with their friends and family before going back to buying your new line of products.

There are a few ways, however, that you can improve your ability to measure results.

Special Codes

Special discount codes are a great way to determine how people are responding to OOH advertisements. Have a different code for your ads that can be found on public transport vs in a magazine, and you can determine the ROI and the value of both the campaign and the medium.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Online, a good way to improve your ability to measure results is by creating dedicated landing pages for events, special sales, and so on. This way, you can better understand how people get to your website and from where.

Social Media

Hashtags, audio samples, and shares are an excellent way to determine your brand’s reach on social media. Create unique and fun ways that customers can engage with your campaign on social media, and you can better understand the reach and impact that your efforts have. After all, marketing isn’t just about selling; it’s about brand recognition. This way, you can better understand soft-sell targets.

Let Creativity Thrive

To improve your marketing department, you need creativity to thrive. Some processes are fairly standard, yes, but if you bog down your team with unfriendly workflows and force them to see data in a clinical way, you are not going to get the best work out of them. Using the right tools to reduce tedious workflows frees up their mental space for good, creative ideas to form.

It takes inspiration and creativity to grow your social media presence. It takes ingenuity to come up with a campaign that works. Using software and digital tools to speed up the process makes collaboration and creative brainstorming occur more naturally, even if the team you are managing is remote.

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