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How to Improve Your Marketing Techniques in 2023, 2024

Digital marketing has been a wonderful market to monitor and watch in the last ten years. With insights raining down from above in the form of data processing and analytics, and the parallel development of complex and exciting platforms for advertising, such as social media, content sharing, and search engine websites, there is a lot to learn for the marketer starting out in 2023.

But if you’re looking for ways to give your marketing strategy the edge, here are three key tips to improve your marketing repertoire of tactics this year.

Look to the Algorithms

If you take a look at other industries, what you’ll see is an increasing reliance on models of automation and algorithmic math that’s helping companies across the world understand more about their business. In marketing, the same logic should apply using the complex, data-driven and automated software available to steal an edge on your competitors.

Here, you should be looking at such marketing techniques as programmatic marketing, which aggregates demographics in such a way as to target specific consumers with the adverts you’re most interested in you seeing. Elsewhere, you’ll find that the algorithms that run Google and Facebook should help you run adverts that interest and excite your target audience, too – so that you’ll be able to draw in more business to your brand and your website.

Processing Existing Data

No marketing strategy needs to lean too heavily on new processes – there’s an equal amount of ‘older’ data and information already within your company that you may well be able to use to direct your future campaigns. What you’ll need, though, is an individual who’s a whizz at data analysis – someone who knows, or who can be taught to understand the SQL date format so that they can draw insights from the timestamps and dates on your data.

Data scientists, or specialists with code, are your go-to in this regard. Finding the data experts who can help you shape a more data-driven marketing strategy while maintaining your brand image and marketing style, will help you make the most of the innovations in the digital space.


Somewhat unsurprisingly, as data, computing, automation and coding become more important in the modern world, creative skills are being sidelined. This means that there’s a distinct lack of these skills within the marketing industry – and it’s ultimately these skills that’ll help you put the finishing flourishes onto your digital marketing campaigns – as well as providing excellent, blue-sky ideas for future operations.


Looking out for these talented individuals – whether they’re designers, writers, illustrators or videographers, is incredibly important for the forward artistic momentum of a marketing agency or department. Be open to bringing in new personnel with a multidisciplinary skillset to boost your marketing output, making it creative at the same time as using the breakthroughs of the digital age to drive your overall strategy from month to month.

In 2023, 2024, digital skills and creativity matter most in the marketing realm. Seize on these tips to make your marketing campaigns buzz with a new excitement this year, and for many more to come.

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