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How to Keep Your Website Current

Small business owners generally understand the importance of having a website to promote their company, and often give considerable resources to setting their sites up when they start their business.

Over time, as the challenges of being a business owner take over, the website can get left behind; it’s there, it’s a great site, end of story.

Except of course it isn’t, because a website isn’t a tool that can be left alone once it’s created. It needs constant attention if it’s to perform its function as a marketing tool for your business, otherwise it will not only fail to bring in customers, it will start to put anyone who does view it off the idea of doing business with you.

Importance of Keeping Content Current

Imagine how you would react if you clicked on a link and landed on a page where the last blog entry was six months ago, there’s an ad for an event that took place last year, or there’s a discount offer that expired last Christmas.

You’d get the impression that the business isn’t that well run, and may even not be genuine, or that it’s on its way out. You wouldn’t feel inspired to place an order or make an inquiry, and this is exactly how people visiting your website will feel if the site isn’t updated and kept current.

Functionality Can Be Affected

As well as the content, over time functionality can be affected, so you end up with broken links, faulty landing pages, error messages, and so on, which again is a major cause for people to go elsewhere.

Your pages, links, security aspects, backlinks, adverts, affiliations all need to be checked to make sure they work correctly and are still relevant. Again, this takes time, but there’s no way of avoiding carrying out these jobs on your site if you want it to work for you.

Recommended Solutions

Make it a Responsibility

One approach is to have a member of staff to deal with the website, who monitors the functionality and security, performs backups, and checks the recentness of the site so you don’t have to worry about it. You need someone who is IT trained and has the required level of skill and expertise to manage the technical aspects.

Hire Managed Services

Another approach is to use a managed hosting service such as Onyx, who take care of all the technical issues of your security and backups for you so all you have to do is add content and keep the site looking polished.

Outsource Content

You could also outsource the content creation if you aren’t equipped to write yourself or don’t wish to. There are numerous agencies and individuals offering their services in the field of content creation and blog posts, so you should find it fairly straightforward to locate someone who can write the kind of content you want.

Don’t wait for your site to start looking dated before you take action. Keep it current by checking it regularly and making sure it’s functioning as it should, so it can keep bringing in customers and making you money.

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