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How to Leverage Social Media for Local SEO

If you want to lead your competition in the digital world, you certainly need to endorse local brand awareness by using social media. You need to stay ahead of all social media trends and utilize these channels smartly to promote your business.

If you’re running an online business, you must already know how important it is to have a Twitter and Facebook page for promoting your business. If you run a B2B business, you might already be using LinkedIn as well.

While these social platforms are tremendously important, there are several other platforms that we don’t even think about while thinking about promoting your business. Let’s look at some social media channels you can use for your local SEO.

Social Media Platforms for Business


Sounds strange, right? But, you can use Snapchat Geofilters to spread awareness about your brand, and then you can use PRs and other social media campaigns to generate links.

Snapchat’s “On-Demand Geofilters” are a gift for local brands! You can use them in any way that suits your business. It allows you to create your customized filter design, choose the geographical parameters you want to target through Geofilters, and pick the right dates when you want those filters to become operational. If your design is viable, Snapchat will approve it within one business day after reviewing it.

While these filters can also be used to spread awareness, they play a key role in helping you promote your business’s local events.


Quora’s open community forum to its users worldwide is highly beneficial for local businesses. Consumers use Quora to find answers to their questions. If something bugs them, they share it on Quora. If they’re looking for a cool gift idea, they try Quora, and last but not least, if they need help with their assignment, they check Quora.

Using Quora, you can understand your customers’ pressure points and press them when it’s the right time. You can achieve personalization in every step of your customer’s online shopping journey, which will eventually help you drive more traffic to your website and gain conversions.

So, if you want to build a strong presence on Quora, you first need to create your Quora profile, and then you’ll have to follow topics related to your business. Once the initial steps are completed, you can engage directly with your target audience and post links to your website when you post something. But don’t forget that the links should always be relevant.


A little different from other social channels, Pinterest offers innovative features to its users. If you use Pinterest frequently, you’ll soon notice a considerable improvement in your website’s search engine ranking.

The platform reaches more than 150 million monthly unique visitors. Once you create your Pinterest account, you can connect your web content and the content on other social media platforms into one big pinboard-style display. This will direct your Pinterest visitors to your website.

Important Tips

Define Your Social Media Strategy

Social media isn’t just a side hustle; you need to take these platforms seriously to improve your online business.

Develop a proper social media strategy for your business by identifying your customers’ preferences and examining your competitors’ online activities. You can learn about different strategies that may benefit you by auditing your competitor’s websites.

Get Backlinks from Local Influencers

Whether you decide to start a sale or plan to launch a new product, try to partner up with some popular bloggers and social media influencers in your area. If you regularly offer them interesting content, they’ll be more than happy to share links to your website. But before you reach out, always check if they’re credible enough and if their website is properly maintained or not. If the sites that provide backlinks to your website are credible, your domain authority will become stronger, and it’ll rank higher.


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To create a strong online presence, you certainly need to use social media effectively.

With Search Berg’s local SEO services, you can easily promote your local business and reach a larger audience.

If you want to hire local SEO services, feel free to reach out to their best professional SEO consultants. They’ll help you in running a successful website. Their team works together to help businesses sustain a higher position on search engines.

About the Author: Joseph is an SEO expert and digital marketing specialist who has been associated with Search Berg since 2012. He offers services including but not limited to website audits, digital marketing, pay-per-click website development, and SEO optimization. Joseph helps various businesses across the country understand how social media works and how they can leverage it to improve their business.

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