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How to Reset Lenovo Laptop Password If Forgot in Windows 7/8/10

Lenovo laptops used worldwide due to their cheap rates and high quality. If you are a Lenovo laptop user too and unfortunately locked out of Lenovo laptop, worry not, I’ve got two outstanding ways through which you can easily reset Lenovo laptop password.

This guide is equally beneficial for all the Lenovo users regardless of what Windows version they have installed. Remember that it is always recommended to use some professional software to reset Lenovo laptop password. You must be wondering what software to use if locked out of Lenovo laptop. Let’s dig out more details about how to unlock Lenovo laptop Windows 7/8/10 password.

Method 1: Reset Lenovo Laptop Password If Forgot Using Windows Password Remover Tool

“I forgot my Lenovo laptop password”, the first and the best way to reset Lenovo laptop password is using Windows Password Remover tool. The software is capable to reset all types of Windows passwords. Windows Password Remover tool is super affective and trusted by hundreds of users. It can perform all kinds of administrative activities regarding password reset.

Key Features:

  • It reinforces all kinds of Windows operating system and Lenovo models.
  • All types of hard disks including SATA, SCSI, IDE as well as RAIDs are supported.
  • It can reset Windows administrative or local user passwords .

Steps to reset Lenovo laptop password

Assuming that you already have downloaded and installed the Windows Password Remover tool on another reachable laptop. Here is how to reset Lenovo laptop password Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP:

  1. In order to reset Lenovo’s password, you need to create a password reset disk. Open the software and insert a formatted USB drive or empty CD/DVD drive. Whatever type you choose, select the rest disk option accordingly.

Alt: choose a media type

  1. Determine the media type by clicking on the drop-down and then click on “Begin burning.”

Alt: click on begin burning to reset lenovo laptop password

The burning process would take some time to get the password reset device ready. Remove the device when you see ‘the burning process finished successfully’ message.

  1. Insert it into the locked Lenovo laptop and navigate to the boot menu by clicking the boot key F12 when the lenovo logo shows. Then choose the password reset device, and press “Enter.” Next you will be automatically taken to the software’s home screen as soon as your laptop restarts.

Alt: boot menu

  1. Now, you are supposed to pick a Windows system that is presently installed on your Lenovo laptop.

Choose the Lenovo laptop username whose password is being forgotten.

After that, jump towards the Reset” button and confirm the action by clicking on Yes.”

Alt: click reset button to unlock Lenovo laptop

As soon as the software resets your Lenovo laptop password, the status of the password would have appeared as blank.

Just need to restart the Lenovo laptop to implement and see the changes. Click on Reboot” and after the laptop restarts, you will see you can log in to your Lenovo laptop without any password.

Method 2: Reset Lenovo Laptop Password If Forgot Using CMD

Another great way to unlock lenovo laptop Windows 7/8/10 is using CMD or command prompt that can be found in Windows by default. So, there is no need for any external software if you little know how to run CMD or follow the below steps correctly.

Steps to Reset Lenovo Laptop Password Using Command Prompt

To do that, clutch the SHIFT key from your laptop’s keyboard then navigate and click on the power symbol (can be found on right-bottom of the screen.)

From the power menu, choose the Restart button. Make sure you are still holding the SHIFT button.

Alt: click Shift and Restart

From the next menu, go for the Troubleshoot” option.

From the next screen, you are supposed to pick the “Advanced options.”

Alt: pick the Advanced options

Great, you are almost close. You need to pick the Startup Settings” from the advanced options list.

Alt: pick the “Startup Settings

After that, click on the “Restart” button from your Lenovo laptop and wait for it.

Alt: Click on Restart button to unlock Lenovo laptop Windows 7

After the restart, you will be again brought to the Startup Settings menu. Look for the “F6 key” from the top array of your keyboard and press it.

Alt: press F6 to reset the password if locked out of Lenovo laptop

By pressing that key, you will be taken to the Windows safe mode where you will see a command prompt on your screen.

Apart from resetting the Lenovo laptop password, you can also perform many kinds of major operations on this screen.

Nevertheless, type the following command to reset Lenovo laptop password.

net user <locked_account_name> <new_password>

Alt: enter commands to reset Lenovo laptop password

If you have entered the details correctly, your Windows 7/8/10 password should be reset immediately. When you are done with the password reset, use the ATL+CTRL+DELETE keys simultaneously to go back to the Startup settings menu again.
Restart your Lenovo laptop and you would be able to sign in to your Windows 7/8/10 without any password.


Well, that’s how you can easily reset Lenovo laptop password in Windows 7/8/10. Both methods are among the most adapted solutions by the users who were locked out of the Lenovo laptop. For guaranteed successful results, I will recommend you all Windows Password Remover tool.

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