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How to Securely Dispose of Files Using Mac File Shredder Software

MacOS is the best operating system that you can use among all the OS. It is more secure, stable, reliable and long-lasting than any other operating system. Every gadget has its age and so does our MacBook.

Whenever we dispose of our Mac, we need to ensure that the entire data is backed up on our external hard drive and the internal hard drive is wiped off before we handover it to someone. Just deleting the data is not good enough as your confidential data can be recovered in various ways.

To permanently delete data on your Mac, we need to either format the storage or use the Best File Shredder App for Mac. We have tried to collate a few of the best options to permanently erase files from Mac manually and then listed the best file shredder software for Mac. We tried, tested, compared, and reviewed dozens of software and yet again came up with CleanMyMac X Shredder as the fantastic file shredder app for Mac.

Securely Dispose Files from HDD on a Mac

Back a decade ago, Mac used to come with HDDs to store files. With the release of MacOS X 10.3, Apple launched an intuitive feature to securely empty trash and increase security. The technology behind this feature was used by the U.S. DoD pattern to overwrite data seven times. The Secure Erase feature was discontinued by Apple with MacOS X 10.11 since the latest MacBooks are coming with the SDD pre-installed.

Securely Deleting Files using Trash

If you are trying to delete regular files and don’t want to use any specific methods to securely dispose of a file, you can make use of the Trash. You can select files in the File Explorer and drag them to the Trash Bin. Once you have pulled out all the useless files, you can right-click on the Trash and click on the Empty Trash option to clear the files from your Mac.

Secure Files Using File Vault

If you don’t want to delete files however also want to secure them from prying eyes, you can put them into a secured vault. The FileVault can encrypt everything that that you wish to hide and can decrypt once you enter your credentials.

Use TRIM Command

Whenever you delete a file from Mac, it marks that unallocated space as ‘Not in Use’ but the data from that blank space can be recalled. To permanently erase that sector, you can use the TRIM command to permanently erase data from Mac and reuse that empty space as fresh. Just go to the Finder and select New Terminal to enter the TRIM command. Type sudo trimforce enable and hit the Enter key. Enter your user password if prompted and press Y to confirm YES on the notice and hit Enter. It will reboot the computer after cleaning empty space.

Use the Best File Shredder Software for Mac

This is probably one of the best options to securely dispose of files on a Mac. Permanent erasers for Mac can ensure that the confidential files are non-recoverable once deleted. A file shredder app for Mac doesn’t need to be a standalone application. There are dozens of applications that have this File Shredder utility to securely delete files on Mac. We have listed the Best File Shredder for Mac that can securely delete your confidential data.

CleanMyMac X Shredder

CleanMyMac X doesn’t need any introduction to Mac users. This is one of the best Mac cleaners and optimizers that can perform optimization on Mac just with a single click. This all-in-one app has the feature of File Shredder to permanently erase files on Mac that are irrecoverable.

CleanMyMac X Shredder is compatible with MacOS 10.10 or later and keeps your Mac as good as new. This fantastic file shredder app for Mac can find and delete cache, cookies, temp files, browser history, clean memory, clear RAM, junk files, and other clutter from your Mac storage. The software also offers security features to safeguard your device from malware, spyware and other security threats.

CleanMyMac X Shredder is available in over 14+ languages and can fix a lot of performance issues. you can experience 4X faster boot time, 2.5X responsive apps, clear 5X GB of space with the cleaning function. The software is efficient enough to take care of your privacy and security by removing your traces of online activity.

Using File Shredder is extremely easy on CleanMyMac. Once you download and install the software, click on the Shredder option at the bottom left corner. Click on the Select Files button and select the files that you wish to permanently remove from your Mac. Once selected, confirm selection to permanently delete files on Mac.

Summing Up

While disposing of your old Mac, you should ensure that you permanently delete all your confidential files and folders or format your Mac hard drive before giving. The manual process to find and remove confidential files may not erase files that can’t be recovered. The best file shredder software for Mac can ensure that the deleted files can’t be recovered. CleanMyMac X Shredder is one of the best shredders and optimizers for the overall cleaning of your Mac.

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